Boukyaku Battery Manga to Receive Anime Adaptation

(Photo: @EM/S,K,M)

Eko Mikawa's captivating high school baseball manga, "Boukyaku Battery," is set to make its debut as a TV anime. Fans can already get a glimpse of what's in store with the release of an exciting teaser visual.

Toshiki Masuda and Mamoru Miyano have been announced as the voice actors for the main characters in the upcoming TV anime adaptation of "Boukyaku Battery." Toshiki Masuda will voice Haruka Kiyomine, a renowned pitcher with an exceptional talent he displayed in middle school. On the other hand, Mamoru Miyano will lend his voice to Kei Kaname, Haruka's partner, who faces challenges due to memory loss and has to rebuild his skills from scratch.

The manga "Boukyaku Battery" has been serialized in Shueisha's Shonen Jump+ since 2018 and has accumulated 15 tankoubon volumes as of March 2023. Fans can look forward to experiencing this thrilling baseball story come to life in the anime adaptation.

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