Exciting Anime Movie Adaptation Announced for Yuru Yuri Spin-off Manga Oomuro-ke

Bandai Namco Filmworks unveiled an official website on Friday, announcing an exciting anime movie adaptation of Namori's beloved Yuru Yuri spin-off manga, Oomuro-ke. The website revealed the returning cast, main staff, an enticing announcement trailer, and a captivating teaser visual (pictured).

Fans of the manga will be delighted to know that not one, but two anime movies are in the works. Titled "Oomuro-ke dear sisters" and "Oomuro-ke dear friends," both films are set to premiere in 2024. Each movie is expected to be approximately 40 minutes in length, promising double the fun and adventures of the endearing Oomuro-ke characters.


Exciting news awaits fans of Namori's Yuru Yuri spin-off manga, Oomuro-ke, as Bandai Namco Filmworks opened an official website for the highly anticipated anime movie adaptation on Friday. The production is set to be helmed by director and storyboard artist Naoyuki Tatsuwa, known for his work on "Nisekoi." Series composition and screenplay will be expertly handled by Masahiro Yokotani, renowned for his work on "Seishun Buta Yarou wa Bunny Girl Senpai no Yume wo Minai."

The character design for the movie will be brought to life by Kazuyuki Ueta, the talent behind "Kiniro Mosaic." The film's captivating music will be crafted by Yuusuke Shirato, who previously worked on "Kunoichi Tsubaki no Mune no Uchi," ensuring a memorable soundtrack. Music production will be handled by the esteemed Lantis studio.

For the cast, we can look forward to the return of Emiri Katou, known for her role in "Lucky☆Star," as Sakurako Oomuro. Chiwa Saitou, celebrated for her performance in "Aria the Animation," will reprise her role as Nadeshiko Oomuro. And finally, Rina Hidaka, recognized for her work in "Tomo-chan wa Onnanoko!," will take on the role of Hanako Oomuro.

The excitement doesn't stop there, as the anime movie adaptation will be split into two parts, "Oomuro-ke dear sisters" and "Oomuro-ke dear friends," both scheduled to premiere in 2024. Each movie will offer approximately 40 minutes of delightful storytelling, showcasing the lovable characters and their charming adventures. The joint efforts of Passione and Studio Lings will bring this enchanting adaptation to life, with Showgate handling distribution to ensure that fans can enjoy the films to their fullest. It's a promising venture that promises to captivate audiences and deliver a memorable cinematic experience for Yuru Yuri fans everywhere.

Namori's delightful slice of life comedy manga began its serialization journey on the Niconico Seiga website in July 2012, captivating readers with its charming tales. Later, in February 2013, it found a new home in Ichijinsha's Niconico Yuri Hime magazine, where it continued to flourish.

However, due to the suspension of Niconico Yuri Hime, the manga embarked on another chapter of its adventure, moving to Yuri Hime@pixiv in August 2017. The engaging stories and endearing characters found a devoted audience in this new platform. Building on its success, the manga eventually made yet another transition, finding its place in Comic Yuri Hime.

Throughout its journey, the manga has consistently charmed readers and garnered popularity. Ichijinsha contributed to its legacy by publishing the sixth volume in December 2022, adding to the collection of heartwarming tales penned by Namori. The manga's ability to adapt and thrive in various settings showcases its enduring appeal and promises even more delightful moments for fans to enjoy in the future.

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