If You Get Caught, You’ll Die! Chapter 34: Premiere Date, Spoilers and Where To Find

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In If You Get Caught, You’ll Die! Chapter 34, readers are eagerly anticipating the continuation of Calix and Celia's developing relationship. In the previous chapter, they grew closer, with Calix even assisting Celia with carrying potatoes. Now, the readers are excited to see how the couple will express their love in this new chapter.

Calix approached Celia and reminded her that it was time for her punishment. Celia expressed her concerns about her strength, fearing that she might get badly beaten and become bedridden, which would prevent her from performing her massage duties. She tried to explain to Calix that her concern was more for his sake than hers. In response, Calix questioned who would hurt her, and Celia asked if he would reduce her pay, which was already not substantial. Calix inquired how she perceived him, adding more depth to the tension between the characters.

In the aftermath of the situation, Celia confirmed that she was accustomed to receiving such punishments and pleaded for a bit of mercy, asking Calix to let it slide just this once. She honestly didn't believe she had done something terribly wrong.

Calix reassured her, stating that there was nothing wrong with being presumptuous and loving him. He unexpectedly kissed her, remarking that she deserved punishment for seducing him while he was sick.

Feeling uneasy, Celia tried to explain herself, telling Calix that she didn't blame him for the misunderstanding. Calix, however, urged her to forget about it and pressed her to recall any other incidents. Celia insisted she couldn't remember anything else, prompting Calix to declare that he would help her recollect.

Release Date And Time:

The highly anticipated release of If You Get Caught, You’ll Die! Chapter 34 is scheduled for Wednesday, August 4, 2023, at 08:00 PM KST. The international schedule for Chapter 34 is as follows:

• US: 07:00 AM EST on Wednesday, August 4, 2023

• Canada: 07:00  AM NT on Wednesday, August 4, 2023

• India: 04:30 PM IST on Wednesday, August 4, 2023

• Philippines: 07:00  PM PHT Wednesday, August 4, 2023

• Japan: 08:00 PM JST on Wednesday, August 4, 2023

• South Korea: 08:00 PM KST on Wednesday, August 4, 2023

• Australia: 09:00  PM AEST on Wednesday, August 4, 2023

Where To Find:

If You Get Caught, You’ll Die! Chapter 34 will soon be accessible on Pocket Comics with an English Translation, allowing readers to enjoy the latest installment in their preferred language. For those interested in the raw version, If You Get Caught, You’ll Die! Chapter 34 can be found on Lezhin Korea.

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