Kimi no Iro Movie by Naoko Yamada Postponed to 2024

TOHO had previously announced that Naoko Yamada's highly anticipated new anime movie, "Kimi no Iro," was scheduled to premiere this fall. However, the premiere date has been postponed, and fans will now have to wait until 2024 to see the film.

"Kimi no Iro" is being produced by Science Saru and marks a special reunion for Yamada with scriptwriter Reiko Yoshida (known for "The Heike Story") and music composer Kensuke Ushio (known for "Chainsaw Man"). This trio has previously collaborated on successful projects such as "A Silent Voice," "Liz and the Blue Bird," and "The Heike Story." Yamada and Yoshida's collaboration dates back to the beloved anime series "K-On!"

"Kimi no Iro" revolves around Totsuko, a high school student gifted with the ability to perceive people's emotions as vivid colors. However, burdened by the fear of unintentionally darkening the emotions of those around her, she navigates life with caution, reading the atmosphere and resorting to white lies to protect her loved ones. One fateful day, while exploring a quaint secondhand bookstore, she encounters a captivatingly beautiful girl whose radiant aura emits an enchanting hue, as well as a boy who is deeply passionate about music. United by their unique sensitivities, these three kindred souls come together and form an extraordinary band.

As their musical journey unfolds, the band finds harmony not only in their music but also in the understanding and support they offer one another. With Totsuko's color perception, the girl's mesmerizing aura, and the boy's love for music, they embark on a captivating adventure that intertwines their emotions, melodies, and dreams. Together, they create a mesmerizing symphony that transcends the boundaries of ordinary expression and unlocks the true power of connection through the language of music and colors.

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