Marvel Gears Up Fans for the Death of Moon Knight

Marvel Gears Up Fans for the Death of Moon Knight

Marvel is setting the stage for an emotional upheaval as they hint at the possible death of Moon Knight. 

Marvel Gears Up Fans for the Death of Moon Knight

As the impending fate of Moon Knight draws near, Marvel unveils yet another captivating cover for Marc Spector's final chapter.

In the upcoming October release, Moon Knight #28, crafted by the talented duo Jed MacKay and Alessandro Cappuccio, readers will be ushered into the protagonist's poignant odyssey towards his inevitable end. While anticipation brews among fans for this highly awaited and emotionally charged story arc, Marvel takes the veil off the cover art for November's edition, Moon Knight #29. This stunning cover, brought to life once again by the creative team of Jed MacKay, this time joined by Federico Sabbatini, offers a glimpse into the continued journey of the beloved character.

With these developments, the world of comics is gearing up for an unforgettable and bittersweet narrative that will surely leave a lasting impact.

Marvel Gears Up Fans for the Death of Moon Knight


  • Written by JED MACKAY
  • On Sale November 29, 2023

Marvel Gears Up Fans for the Death of Moon Knight

Marvel Teases Moon Knight’s Death

Marvel recently made an exciting announcement, unveiling the cover for MOON KNIGHT #29 adorned with captivating artwork by the talented series' regular artist, Federico Sabbatini. Anticipation is building as the November release date approaches, promising readers an intense showdown between Moon Knight and the enigmatic Black Spectre. The fate of the city hangs in the balance, with each forward stride coming at a grisly cost. Can Moon Knight and his valiant allies thwart the sinister plans of the Black Spectre? And if they emerge triumphant, what will be left of them?

MacKay, the brilliant mind behind the series, also shared some insights into the upcoming narrative. "The pieces are now in play, with Moon Knight and his devoted allies from the Midnight Mission taking their place on one side, and the formidable Black Spectre, along with his otherworldly entities, positioned on the other," he divulged. As the writer delved deeper into the story, he revealed, "We've meticulously built towards this climactic confrontation since the nineteenth issue. Commencing from MOON KNIGHT #28, a full-blown war erupts between Moon Knight and the formidable Black Spectre. The stakes transcend mere victory; they encompass the very essence of survival. The Midnight Mission finds itself shrouded in the somber hues of mourning..."

Marvel Gears Up Fans for the Death of Moon Knight

On July 17, 2023, Marvel made an exciting announcement about the upcoming storyline titled "The Last Days of Moon Knight." This new arc is set to unfold across issues #28 - #30 of the ongoing Moon Knight series. Despite the initial shock and sadness among fans following the news of Spector's death, the creators have offered reassurance that this event marks not the end, but rather the inception of a fresh chapter in the beloved franchise.

Marvel's unveiling of a November variant cover tribute dedicated to Moon Knight's life and enduring legacy brought a glimmer of solace to fans. Accompanied by a heartfelt and poignant message, the publisher shared, "Embark on this bittersweet journey through Moon Knight's history, just as the dawn of a new beginning emerges!"

Marking important dates for readers, Moon Knight #28 is slated for release on October 18, 2023, while Moon Knight #29 is scheduled to hit the shelves on November 29, 2023, courtesy of Marvel Comics.

Source: Marvel Comics


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