Marvel releases a trailer for Invincible Iron Man #10 and X-Men #26 featuring Emma Frost and Tony Stark's wedding.

 Marvel releases a trailer for Invincible Iron Man #10 and X-Men #26 featuring Emma Frost and Tony Stark's wedding.

Emma Frost and Tony Stark's wedding.

In a surprising move, Marvel recently unveiled a trailer showcasing an unexpected twist: the upcoming nuptials of none other than Emma Frost and Tony Stark, as depicted in the much-awaited issues, Invincible Iron Man #10 and X-Men #26.

The announcement of Emma Frost and Iron Man's impending marriage left fans utterly astonished. Marvel boldly revealed, "Prepare for a moment that defies all expectations—the union of Emma Frost and Tony Stark! Unfolding within the pages of X-MEN #26 and INVINCIBLE IRON MAN #10, acclaimed writer Gerry Duggan spearheads this eagerly anticipated narrative, accompanied by the artistic talents of Jim Towe and Javier Pina for the X-Men chapter, and Juan Frigeri, the series artist for Invincible Iron Man. In the midst of the upheaval faced by both mutants and Iron Man during the FALL OF X era, the duo finds themselves forging a stronger alliance as their adversaries amass strength. Get ready to witness Emma and Tony solidify their bond, even if it means standing united against all odds."

Marvel enthusiasts worldwide were left in shock by this unexpected turn of events. The highly anticipated trailer not only showcased the impending wedding of Emma Frost and Tony Stark but also hinted at the challenges and perils that lie ahead as these two iconic characters come together in a remarkable union. The anticipation continues to grow as fans eagerly await the release of X-MEN #26 and INVINCIBLE IRON MAN #10 to witness this unprecedented crossover.

Emma Frost and Tony Stark's wedding.

While the enigmatic union of Emma Frost and Tony Stark continues to capture curiosity, Marvel has tantalized fans by unveiling a trailer that offers a glimpse into their impending ceremony. Accompanying the trailer, Marvel issued a statement that teased, "Prepare to behold the astonishing proposal and Emma's equally astonishing response in X-MEN #26. Following that, attire yourself in your finest Hellfire garb for the grand introduction of Mr. and Mrs. Emma Frost in INVINCIBLE IRON MAN #10!" The circumstances surrounding the ceremony are veiled in secrecy and intrigue, but enthusiasts can now gain an initial insider's perspective on the matrimonial event through the X-Men / Iron Man: The Wedding of Emma Frost & Tony Stark Trailer, showcasing exclusive, never-before-seen artwork!

X-Men and Invincible Iron Man Writer Gerry Dugan Chimes In

The union between these two legendary characters garnered a diverse range of reviews. While certain fans were overjoyed, others were more hesitant and even found themselves puzzled by the combination. Dugan, in response to the reactions from fans, injected humor into an interview with AIPT. It was quite amusing to observe fans questioning, "How could Emma Frost and Tony Stark possibly fall in love? They can't stand each other!" Dugan promptly countered with, "Have you ever met most married couples?" The logic holds up perfectly. Relationships experience their share of ups and downs. Reflecting on this, Dugan added a personal touch during the interview, "My own parents were married for 17 years, then separated for 17 years, only to reunite for another 17 years. This perspective shapes my viewpoint, allowing me to embrace the long game, which has undeniably enriched my work within the realm of comics."

Emma Frost and Tony Stark's wedding.

X-MEN #26

Authored by GERRY DUGGAN

Illustrated by JIM TOWE & JAVIER PINA

Interlinked Cover by LUCAS WERNECK

Scheduled for Release on September 6, 2023


Scripted by GERRY DUGGAN


Interconnected Cover by LUCAS WERNECK

Set to Debut on September 27, 2023

X-Men #26 is slated to hit the shelves on September 6, while the release of Invincible Iron Man #10 is scheduled for September 27 by Marvel Comics.

Source: Marvel

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