Mononoke Movie: Cast, Staff, Trailer and Release Date Revealed

(Photo: ©モノノ怪製作委員会)

On Friday, the official website for the Mononoke anime movie unveiled the new staff, cast changes, a captivating new visual (pictured), and an exciting trailer. Fans can anticipate the movie's release in Japanese theaters during Summer 2024.

Hiroshi Kamiya, known for his roles in "Bakemonogatari" and "Shingeki no Kyojin," will be taking over the role of Kusuriuri (Medicine Seller), replacing Takahiro Sakurai as the lead character in the Mononoke anime movie. The movie's official website revealed this cast change along with other exciting updates, and fans can look forward to experiencing Hiroshi Kamiya's portrayal of the enigmatic character in Summer 2024.

The staff for the Mononoke anime movie includes talented individuals from various backgrounds. Kitsuneko Nagata is responsible for the original character design, while Yuuichi Takahashi, known for their work on "Vivy: Fluorite Eye's Song," takes charge of character design and serves as the chief animation director. Youichi Katono handles the art design, with Akira Kuramoto and Youko Saitou as art directors. Kunio Tsujita is in charge of the color design, and Youichi Senzui, known for "Journey: Taiko Arabia Hantou de no Kiseki to Tatakai no Monogatari," serves as the visual director.

Kenichi Shirai takes on the role of the 3D director, and Shigeru Nishiyama is responsible for editing. Yukio Nagasaki works as the sound director, and Taku Iwasaki provides the music. The movie is produced by Kimiaki Satou and Yuuki Sudoku, with planning by Kouji Yamamoto. The animation is handled by Studio EOTA, and the production is under Twin Engine. Furthermore, Kenji Nakamura, renowned for directing "Kuuchuu Buranko" and "Tsuritama," is making a comeback as the director for the movie.

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