One Piece Theory: Vivi's Allegiance to the Revolutionary Army Over the Straw Hats

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As the epic saga of One Piece approaches its final stages after decades of serialization, the narrative is becoming a cascade of revelations, each more tantalizing than the last. Among these reveals, the recent events of the Reverie arc have taken center stage, addressing long-standing mysteries that have intrigued fans for years. One such enigma revolves around the beloved character Nefertari Vivi, setting the stage for revelations that could have far-reaching consequences. However, as these truths emerge, Vivi finds herself in a perilous situation, as the ominous shadow of the World Government looms over her.

Vivi, who became acquainted with the Straw Hat Pirates in the early stages of their adventurous journey, shares a unique bond with them. Despite not officially becoming a member of the crew, the Straw Hats have wholeheartedly embraced her as a comrade, proclaiming her a nakama and ensuring she's well aware of their unwavering support. While some members of the current crew may not have encountered her yet, the sentiment remains the same. Undoubtedly, if Vivi were to express the desire to rejoin their escapades, she would be welcomed aboard the Thousand Sunny with open arms. However, the current narrative trajectory suggests that Vivi might align herself with the Revolutionary Army, rather than resuming her travels with the Straw Hat Pirates.

Vivi's Potential Role as a Target of the World Government

Nefertari Vivi

In Chapter 1085 of the renowned manga series "One Piece," Sabo's report to Dragon and Ivankov unfolds, revealing crucial information about his discovery within the Pangea Castle. As the second-in-command of the Revolutionary Army, Sabo recounts the events to his higher-ups, shedding light on the circumstances that led to the demise of King Cobra of Alabasta. The narrative commences with King Cobra's meeting with the Five Elders, during which he raises inquiries about his ancestor, Nefertari Lily, and the absence of documented records about her existence. The sole piece of evidence he possesses is an ancient letter, scripted by the historical monarch, that has been passed down through generations of kings.

This letter serves as the catalyst that prompted Imu to appear before King Cobra, ultimately resulting in his tragic death. However, Cobra's sacrifice was not in vain, as he discloses Lily's complete name, Nefertari D. Lily, before his passing, thereby sparking Imu's lethal response. Sabo intervenes in a bid to save the king, who seizes the opportunity to convey a message to both Vivi and Luffy. He tasks Sabo with relaying to Vivi that she also carries the enigmatic initial "D."

Meanwhile, Vivi manages to escape the clutches of CP0 with an unexpected ally, the fearful Wapol. It is suggested that she utilizes Wapol's assistance to break free from Marijoa, an action that could potentially expose her to the World Government's pursuit and place her in their crosshairs.

Could Alabasta Align with the Revolutionary Army in One Piece

Sabo Vivi Alabasta

With the absence of King Cobra, the role of Vivi has gained even greater significance in the world of One Piece. As the legitimate heir to the Alabasta throne, she now holds the title of queen, though her formal recognition is pending. Despite this, the responsibility of leading her people falls squarely on her shoulders. The World Government cannot overtly pursue her without valid grounds, but the enigmatic "D" initial associated with her name keeps her on their radar. However, Vivi's determination to seek justice for her father's murder and her position as a key figure in Alabasta compel her to take action.

Vivi's choices are not without complexity. A strategic route for her to confront the World Government without abandoning her royal duties lies in forming an alliance with the Revolutionary Army. Aligning herself and her kingdom with this formidable force would bring invaluable advantages and safeguards. The Revolutionary Army stands as a powerful opposition to the World Government's tyrannical regime. By forging this alliance, Vivi could tap into vital resources, guidance, and protection that would aid in safeguarding Alabasta against the manipulative schemes of the World Government.

Significantly, the interests of Vivi and the Revolutionary Army align in profound ways. A shared adversary in the form of the World Government and the Celestial Dragons unites them. The common goal to dismantle oppression and usher in a fairer world unites their purpose. As the story of One Piece continues to unfold, it is conceivable that they will engage the World Government in a climactic battle. In this anticipated conflict, Vivi might find herself standing alongside the Straw Hat Pirates and the Revolutionary Army, playing a pivotal role in shaping the fate of the world.

Vivi's Potential Challenge in Keeping Up with the Straw Hats

Vivi & Straw Hats

In Sabo's recollection of the events, Vivi is depicted flying alongside Morgans, the president of the World Economy News Paper. With the World Government likely targeting the princess, the crucial question arises: how will she navigate these treacherous waters? One potential course of action is for Vivi to rejoin Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates on their grand voyage. However, this option raises concerns about her compatibility with the crew and her potential vulnerability during the impending war.

While Vivi is undeniably courageous and resolute, she lacks the physical prowess and combat skills that the majority of the Straw Hat crew has developed over time. The crew has undergone numerous transformations and power-ups, enhancing their abilities to confront increasingly formidable adversaries. Even Nami, who is often regarded as the crew's least combat-oriented member, now wields Zeus, a formidable ally. Conversely, Vivi's experiences have mainly been rooted in peaceful days as Alabasta's crown princess.

Vivi's princely position is another vital factor. As the leader of Alabasta and the protector of her subjects, she bears significant duties and obligations toward her kingdom's prosperity and well-being. Becoming a Straw Hat Pirate would necessitate leaving her people behind, a notion she had already rejected earlier. Given these considerations, it becomes apparent that integrating Vivi into the Straw Hat crew would be at odds with her present strengths, responsibilities, and limitations.


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