Shumatsu Train Doko he Iku? Original Anime Premieres in 2024, Teaser & Visual Unveiled

KADOKAWA has recently unveiled exciting details about the upcoming original anime, "Shumatsu Train Doko he Iku?". Alongside a 2024 premiere date, a captivating trailer and a stunning key visual have been released, generating immense anticipation among anime enthusiasts.

Adding to the excitement, the studio has revealed the main cast members who will bring life to the characters. Azumi Waki will portray Hoshi Nadeshiko, Erisa Kuon will take on the role of Reimi Kuga, and Hina Kino will lend her voice to Akira Shinonome. As previously announced, Chika Anzai will be the protagonist, Shizuru Chikura, promising a compelling and unforgettable journey in "Shumatsu Train Doko he Iku?".

Exciting news continues to pour in for the highly anticipated anime, "Shumatsu Train Doko he Iku?". Alongside the impressive main cast, additional staff members have been announced, heightening the expectations for this original series. Michiko Yokote, known for her work on "Call of the Night", will serve as the series composer, while Asako Nishida, renowned for her work on "Land of the Lustrous", takes on the role of character designer. With such talented individuals on board, fans are eagerly awaiting the visual and narrative brilliance they will bring to the screen.

The plot details have also been revealed, adding to the intrigue surrounding the anime. The story follows the journey of four heroines who embark on an adventurous quest via an abandoned train to search for their missing friends. As the mystery unfolds, the emotional depth and camaraderie among the characters are expected to captivate audiences and create an unforgettable viewing experience.

"Shumatsu Train Doko he Iku?" was initially announced in October 2022, and the creative helm of the anime is in the capable hands of director Tsutomu Mizushima, known for his exceptional work on "Girls und Panzer," "Shirobako," and "Mayoiga," at EMT Squared, promising an exciting and immersive anime adventure.

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