Unveiled Anime Created by the Late Osamu Kobayashi Now Accessible to Viewers

Renowned author and former Crunchyroll/Otaku USA editor, Patrick Macias, recently unveiled an intriguing revelation—the existence of a seven-minute anime short directed by the late Osamu Kobayashi. This captivating short is based on Macias' sci-fi webcomic titled "HYPERSONIC music club," which features stunning illustrations by Hiroyuki "MITSUME" Takahashi. The anime short, now available for viewing on Macias' Tokyoscope blog, brings to life the thrilling world of cyborgs engaging in epic battles against "extra-dimensional monster girls."

Produced back in 2017, the HYPERSONIC music club anime remained unreleased until now due to "various reasons," according to Macias. With Osamu Kobayashi at the helm, not only as the director but also handling the scenario writing, this short promises an immersive and engaging experience for viewers. The project boasts a formidable staff lineup, including Takashi Mukouda as character designer and chief animation director, known for his work on "Run With the Wind" and "Welcome to the Ballroom," along with Hisashi Mori and Mitsuo Iso as animators.

Adding further creative prowess to the mix, Yoshimichi Kameda, renowned as the character designer for "Mob Psycho," also joins the team as a director. With such talent behind the scenes, the HYPERSONIC music club anime is undoubtedly an exciting piece of work that captures the essence of its original webcomic and showcases the late Osamu Kobayashi's exceptional storytelling and directorial skills.

Alongside the revelation of the HYPERSONIC music club anime short, Patrick Macias also treated fans to a captivating key art of the anime, beautifully illustrated by the late Osamu Kobayashi himself. But that's not all—Macias has more in store for enthusiasts. He plans to share additional production materials, such as original production art and Kobayashi's precious sketches, offering a deeper glimpse into the making of this remarkable project.

Sadly, Osamu Kobayashi's extraordinary journey came to a poignant end in April 2021, as he succumbed to kidney cancer at the age of 57. Throughout his career, he left an indelible mark on the anime industry with his directorial masterpieces, including the celebrated works: 2004's "BECK," 2005's "Paradise Kiss," 2008's "Mahoutsukai ni Taisetsu na Koto: Natsu no Sora," and his contributions to "Naruto Shippuden" from Episode 480 to Episode 483.

(Photo: Patrick Macias/ Illustrated by Osamu Kobayashi)

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