The Evolution of All Might's Attacks: My Hero Academia Chapter 396 Explained

On Wednesday, August 2, 2023, alleged spoilers and raw scans for My Hero Academia chapter 396 were leaked, including a sneak peek at the upcoming issue. While the information has not been officially confirmed by Shueisha or the manga's author and illustrator, Kohei Horikoshi, leaked details have historically been relatively accurate.

Presently, enthusiasts are placing significant importance on the purported spoilers for My Hero Academia chapter 396, which indicate an immensely thrilling issue. According to the leaked details, the chapter will notably feature the beginning of All Might versus All For One's showdown, set to be officially released on Monday, August 7, 2023, at 12 am Japanese Standard Time.

Moreover, the alleged My Hero Academia chapter 396 spoilers suggest that both characters will engage in combat, showcasing All Might's new fighting approach. Fans have also noticed that this method seems to be named after his students and draws inspiration from their Quirks. However, it's essential to await official confirmation from the manga's publisher, Shueisha, or its author and illustrator, Kohei Horikoshi.

In My Hero Academia chapter 396, All Might prepares for his intense battle against All For One. Donning his iconic armor, he wears a smile that signifies his unwavering determination. With La Brava live-streaming the fight and his car recording it, All Might faces the daunting challenge ahead.

Tsukauchi is concerned about All Might's safety, but the hero reassures him that he has never entered a fight with the expectation of defeat. As All For One charges at him, All Might summons his car, which transforms into a protective shield. Using his "Black Whip" technique, metal wires shoot out from his armored form and deliver a stunning shock to All For One.

Undeterred, All Might follows up with "Chargebolt," another powerful move that surprises his opponent. Employing the "Cellophane" technique, he skillfully pulls All For One closer to him. Amid La Brava's taunting, All Might remains focused on the battle and delivers a decisive "SHOOTING STYLE SMASH" kick to All For One's face.

In My Hero Academia chapter 396, All Might showcases new attacks during his battle with All For One. These moves pay homage to the Class 1-A students, with names like "Shooting Style Smash" and "Black Whip" referencing Izuku Midoriya, the current holder of One For All.

Additionally, All Might's shield, named "Red," is a subtle nod to Eijiro Kirishima, known as Red Riot, who has acted as a shield in previous arcs, partnering with Fat Gum as a powerful spear and shield combo.

All Might not only displays new attacks inspired by Class 1-A students but also pays homage to Hanta Sero and Denki Kaminari. One of his moves, "Cellophane," is a subtle nod to Hanta Sero's Quirk, Tape, and his Pro Hero Name, Cellophane. The move's function of reeling in All For One echoes Sero's ability to use tape to control and manipulate his surroundings.

Another move, "Chargebolt," is a clear reference to Denki Kaminari's Pro Hero Name, Chargebolt, and his Quirk, Electrification. As All Might's Black Whip wires discharge electrical currents, it draws a parallel to Denki's ability to generate and control electricity.

These clever nods to Class 1-A students add depth to All Might's battle strategy and showcase his connection to the next generation of heroes, incorporating their unique quirks and hero identities into his own fighting style. The chapter continues to delight fans with its inventive and nostalgic elements.

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