Houshou Marine Surprises Fans with Fresh Anime Music Video

VTuber sensation Houshou Marine has delighted fans with the release of an anime music video for her latest song, "Bishoujyo Muzai♡Pirates." This MV marks her first animated release since "I'm Your Treasure Box" in July 2022.

In an exciting turn of events, Marine not only showcases her singing talents but also demonstrates her skills as a key animator for the first time, as credited in the music video. Joining her in the creative team are esteemed key animators such as Masato Anno, Kanna "kappe" Hirayama, Naoya "yoha" Nakayama, Tease, and Cona Nitanda, who have contributed their expertise to make "Bishoujyo Muzai♡Pirates" an exceptional visual and auditory treat for fans worldwide.

During her recent "3rd Generation Girls Band !!!!" birthday livestream on July 30 JST, Houshou Marine, fondly known as Senchou, thrilled fans with a special announcement. She revealed her latest song, "Bishoujyo Muzai♡Pirates," captivating her audience with her singing prowess. The livestream featured Marine's impressive performances of iconic songs like "Seiza ni Naretara" from Bocchi the Rock!, "Tenshi ni Fureta yo!" from K-On!!, and "God Knows" from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, alongside her fellow 3rd gen Hololive members.

The eagerly awaited "Bishoujyo Muzai♡Pirates" will be available on streaming services starting from July 31 at 12 AM JST, promising an enchanting musical experience for fans to enjoy Marine's talent and passion.

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