Sneak Peek: Ryan Stegman's Variant Cover Revealed for Tony S. Daniel's Upcoming Image Comics Series "Edenwood"

Sneak Peek: Ryan Stegman's Variant Cover Revealed for Tony S. Daniel's Upcoming Image Comics Series "Edenwood" is offering an exclusive sneak peek at the variant cover created by Ryan Stegman for 'Edenwood,' the latest work by Tony S. Daniel.

Sneak Peek: Ryan Stegman's Variant Cover Revealed for Tony S. Daniel's Upcoming Image Comics Series "Edenwood"

Renowned writer and artist Tony S. Daniel, celebrated for his exceptional contributions to works like Nocterra, Batman, and Deathstroke, is set to unveil his latest masterpiece next month. The eagerly anticipated fantasy series, Edenwood, will grace the shelves, with exclusively revealing a captivating glimpse of the variant cover for the inaugural issue, skillfully crafted by none other than superstar artist Ryan Stegman. Scheduled for its grand debut on September 27th courtesy of Image Comics, this ongoing saga is a war-torn epic set in the midst of turmoil, featuring the artistic prowess of colorist Marcelo Maiolo (known for Nocterra).

The creation of Edenwood has garnered praise from fellow luminaries in the comic realm, building anticipation ahead of its imminent release. The project underwent a developmental journey, momentarily paused to launch Nocterra, only to resume its course. While Tony S. Daniel is the driving force behind the series, providing both scripts and pencils, he has enlisted other luminaries to contribute variant covers, possibly drawing inspiration from the successful Nocterra model.

Reflecting on the inception of Edenwood, Tony S. Daniel shared, "Over the span of three years, Edenwood gradually took shape, a world I was in the midst of crafting just before my creative path converged with Scott Snyder's in New York City. Our encounter propelled me in a different direction, co-creating the acclaimed Nocterra with one of the industry's preeminent writers." Daniel went on to express, "This series encapsulates everything I hold dear about the medium of comics: a fusion of exhilaration, drama, grand-scale action, relatable and endearing heroes, as well as detestable villains who ignite our passions. Within this series lies an inherently high-concept premise, yet the characters remain grounded, preserving their authenticity even against a backdrop of epic clashes—demonic tanks, levitating battleships, and infernal soldiers pitted against weapons infused with witchcraft and fortified soldiers. Beyond the visceral magical confrontations that unfold between the realms of Edenwood and Necronema, lies the enigmatic 'Open Lands,' encompassing the remaining expanse of the United States. Here, malevolence simmers in a subdued yet calculated manner, facilitating the expansion of demonic influence. Amidst this tapestry, our protagonist Rion and his ensemble of dynamic demon hunters navigate their path. To say that my enthusiasm for spearheading this new series is palpable would indeed be an understatement of monumental proportions!"

Sneak Peek: Ryan Stegman's Variant Cover Revealed for Tony S. Daniel's Upcoming Image Comics Series "Edenwood"

"Edenwood represents everything that I crave, desire, and hold dear in the realm of comics," acclaimed writer Snyder enthusiastically expressed. "A tapestry of great characters, a sprawling mythology, and a grand narrative that unfolds on every conceivable scale. It's a fusion of a heartwarming coming-of-age tale and a visceral, adrenaline-soaked clash between demons, witches, and unflinching warriors. This masterpiece caters to a diverse audience, offering an experience that resonates with all. Tony Daniel's creative prowess knows no bounds and is on full display here!"

Sean Gordon Murphy chimed in, sharing his enthusiasm, "The mere mention that Tony Daniel is crafting a narrative centered around Demon Hunters should be enough to ignite an insatiable desire to own this comic. Edenwood compels you to eagerly turn each page, your anticipation growing with every moment. It's a wild, exhilarating ride—a true celebration of excitement."

The official press materials provide a glimpse into the world of Edenwood:

Edenwood delves into the annals of an eons-spanning series of conflicts across multiverses, where demons and witches clash in an unending war that has now engulfed Earth as its latest battleground. The strife brings forth Necronema, a demonic realm that overtook the American Midwest two decades ago, pitted against Edenwood, a domain governed by witchcraft that safeguards the remainder of the United States. The inaugural story arc of this ongoing saga introduces us to Rion, a young man born amid the apocalyptic upheaval of southern Illinois. Fate thrusts him into the role of a hero and a leader after he vanquishes a Gather, a nomadic demon wielding the ability to traverse barriers between dimensions.

Summoned by the Witch War Council, Rion finds himself in the role of assembling an elite cadre of demon hunters. Their mission is to infiltrate the heart of Necronema, armed with a roster of high-priority targets earmarked for annihilation. The individuals he selects happen to be the most legendary and venerated demon hunters throughout history, with origins dating back to the 1700s. Yet, Rion's focus rests on a young and exceptionally potent witch, held captive deep within the recesses of Necronema. While the primary objective revolves around search and destroy, Rion harbors the belief that his purpose encompasses something far more profound.

Comic enthusiasts can immerse themselves in the world of Edenwood starting with the release of Edenwood #1, available at local comic book shops on Wednesday, September 27.

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