Zamasu, Gas, or Moro: Assessing Dragon Ball Super's Most Compelling Recent Antagonist


Dragon Ball Super has presented fans with a variety of villains, each bringing their own unique flavor to the series. As the series celebrates its ten-year anniversary since its modern revival, it's a fitting time to reflect on the standout antagonists that have graced the show. Among the distinctive villains introduced in Dragon Ball Super, three major ones stand out: Zamasu, Moro, and Gas. These characters have left their mark on the series with their distinct personalities, motivations, and roles within their respective arcs.

While Dragon Ball Super has seen its fair share of powerful characters like Beerus, Hit, Jiren, and Broly, these characters aren't purely villains, and many eventually align with the protagonists. However, the arcs centered around the "Future Trunks," "Galactic Patrol Prisoner," and "Granolah the Survivor" arcs provide original villains that challenge our heroes in different ways. Zamasu, the antagonist of the "Future Trunks" arc, delves into themes of divine justice and the consequences of unchecked power. Moro, the focal point of the "Galactic Patrol Prisoner" arc, showcases the danger of an ancient sorcerer who absorbs energy and manipulates planets. Lastly, Gas from the "Granolah the Survivor" arc presents a skilled sniper and bounty hunter with a personal vendetta.

Comparing these villains requires a nuanced examination of their individual strengths and weaknesses. Each brings a unique flavor to the Dragon Ball universe, contributing to the diversity of challenges faced by our beloved characters. As the series potentially introduces more villains in the future, the lessons learned from these past adversaries could shape the development of future antagonists, ensuring a well-rounded and engaging array of challenges for our heroes to overcome.

Zamasu's Divine Ambition: A Shift in Tone for Dragon Ball


Debuting in 2016, the "Future Trunks" arc injected a breath of fresh air into Dragon Ball Super for many fans. Prior arcs of the series had maintained an upbeat tone, but this storyline took a stark departure. It commenced with the tragic death of Future Bulma and a plunge into an even more dire dystopia in Trunks' world than what the androids had wrought. What added to the intrigue was the enigmatic identity of the arc's new villain, Goku Black, which remained shrouded in mystery for a significant portion of the narrative. This departure from the relatively straightforward plots of earlier Super arcs was indeed a welcomed change of pace.

As the arc's narrative unfolds, the identity of Goku Black is unraveled, revealing him to be Zamasu, an apprentice Supreme Kai with a deep-seated disdain for mortals. Zamasu perceives them as squandering the precious resources granted to them by the gods. To actualize his vision of the "Zero Mortals Plan," Zamasu usurps Goku's body and joins forces with his alternate version from Trunks' timeline. When the combined efforts of Goku and Vegeta push the two Zamasus to the brink, they merge into Merged Zamasu, the final adversary of the arc.

The "Future Trunks" arc introduces a refreshing sense of higher stakes to Dragon Ball Super, as Zamasu brings forth an ideology that distinguishes him from many previous villains in the series. While past antagonists often followed a formulaic path of conquest, Zamasu genuinely believes his actions serve a higher purpose and uphold justice. His complexity as a character is notable, as Dragon Ball villains seldom get the depth that Zamasu's ideology and motives offer. This multidimensional portrayal sets him apart in the realm of the series' antagonists.

The Complexity and Sympathy of Dragon Ball Super's Gas Character


In the "Granolah the Survivor" arc of Dragon Ball Super, a new antagonist named Gas emerges as a significant figure. However, his introduction occurs against the backdrop of the main focus being on Granolah, the titular survivor seeking vengeance against Goku and Vegeta. Granolah's narrative takes center stage during the arc's initial half, as he eventually aligns with the Saiyan duo against the Heeter crime family, led by Gas.

Gas is portrayed as the physically imposing and powerful enforcer of the Heeter family, while his brother Elec handles the strategic aspects of their operations. To bolster Gas's strength, Elec employs the Dragon Balls to wish him to become the universe's strongest entity. This wish, though, comes at a high price — Gas's life force begins to diminish, leading to his eventual decay as he battles Goku, Vegeta, and Granolah. Despite being part of the arc's villainous ensemble, Gas's character development remains relatively limited until the latter part of the story.

As the arc progresses, Granolah's personal journey and eventual reconciliation with Goku and Vegeta take precedence. This leaves Gas and his brother Elec in the background, resulting in Gas's character feeling somewhat underdeveloped. While the narrative attempts to evoke a degree of sympathy for Gas in his final moments, as he realizes his brother's manipulation, this emotional turn occurs too late in the story. Ultimately, Gas's demise at the hands of Frieza lacks the impact that a more central and fleshed-out role in the arc could have provided.

Moro: A Menacing Fusion of Traits from Various Dragon Ball Villains


In the Super series, the introduction of the next major antagonist, Moro, marked a significant shift in tone. Moro is depicted as an energy-absorbing warlock from an ancient era, having escaped from the Galactic Patrol Prison to amass a formidable army of fellow escapees, intending to wreak havoc across the universe. Contrasting with the recent storylines featuring antagonists with shades of sympathy, Moro stands out as a character who revels in brutality, pursuing power at any cost.

Unlike previous antagonists like Zamasu, who had complex motivations, Moro's malevolence is unapologetic. His design, inspired by the entity Moloch, exudes a demonic aura, complemented by his distinctive abilities that allow him to summon infernal energies from the ground, creating an ominous wall of flames. While Jiren and Broly showcased sheer strength, Moro represents a different breed of villain — cunning and strategically dangerous. He might not overpower Goku and Vegeta, but his energy-draining prowess keeps him on par with them.

Moro's arrival heralded a departure from recent narrative trends, returning Dragon Ball to its fundamental roots with a more conventional story arc centered around the entire cast uniting against a clear-cut adversary. However, this strength is also his weakness. Moro amalgamates various elements from past villains: the rejuvenated ancient antagonist akin to King Piccolo, the intergalactic conqueror reminiscent of Frieza, and his connection to the Supreme Kais paralleling Majin Buu's history. Furthermore, after absorbing his android ally Seven-Three, Moro adopts traits akin to Perfect Cell, acquiring the ability to regenerate and mimic the heroes' techniques.

Zamasu: Dragon Ball Super's Ultimate Original Villain


In the realm of Dragon Ball Super, the competition for the title of the best original villain comes down to a heated race between Zamasu and Moro. However, it's Zamasu who ultimately claims the top spot. His distinctive characteristics and complex persona elevate him above Moro, who can be likened to a compilation of Dragon Ball villains. Even Gas, the lesser among the trio, imparts valuable insights from the array of adversaries introduced in Super.

Unlike its predecessor, Dragon Ball Super often gravitates towards presenting antagonists with relatable qualities such as Broly, Granolah, and the Gammas, veering away from the megalomaniacs that populated DBZ. While this shift in approach is refreshing, Gas serves as a reminder that a villain can be pitiable without forsaking their villainous essence. Looking ahead, it's hoped that future Super villains would seamlessly amalgamate the finest attributes of past adversaries: Zamasu's fervent ideology, Moro's commanding aura, and Gas's empathy-inducing facets. For now, Zamasu undeniably emerges as Dragon Ball Super's most compelling and well-rounded antagonist to date.

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