Blink-182 Copies Famous Video by Performing Live at Denny's

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Blink-182 Copies Famous Video by Performing Live at Denny's

"What the f--k" is up Dennys?" This was the question that Live Without, a band, first asked when they played a surprise show at a Denny's diner back in 2013. The restaurant was about to close, but the band convinced the staff to let them perform like the band on the Titanic. They recorded a video of their performance and shared it on YouTube, and it quickly became a viral sensation. Now, the same phrase is making a comeback, this time coming from the famous band Blink-182. They recreated the Denny's Grand Slam experience and shared a video of their syrup-soaked performance on social media.

The show was kept a secret, although some fans had their suspicions after Tom DeLonge used the famous "What the f--k" is up Dennys?" line during a live performance at When We Were Young and also online recently. Currently, the band is on tour to support their latest album, One More Time.

You can see a clip from the Blink-182 show below.

The past few years have been quite a roller-coaster ride for Blink-182. In 2021, Mark Hoppus revealed that he was battling cancer but thankfully announced later that year that he had beaten the disease. Last year, the band celebrated their 30th anniversary, and "One More Time" is their first new album of original songs since 2019's "Nine."

It seems like this might be a one-time thing, although there's a slight chance they could do more if the live performance and merchandise sales go well. It's not entirely clear how this all came together. In the case of "Live Without" and the original Denny's Grand Slam show, it became so legendary that there have been stories about it for years, including a comprehensive interview and documentary on YouTube by WavyWebSurf. You can watch that documentary below.

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