Invincible Creator Talks About Spider-Man Crossover

The person in charge of Invincible Season 2 talks about the chances of Marvel's Spider-Man making an appearance in a crossover.

Invincible Creator Talks About Spider-Man Crossover

Invincible Season 2 is set to premiere on Amazon Prime Video, and there's some excitement around a potential surprise appearance by Marvel's Spider-Man. In the comics, these two characters teamed up in 2006's Marvel Team-Up #14, which was later acknowledged in Invincible #33. Given this history on the comic pages, fans have been hoping for an animated crossover.

There's been a rumor circulating about a Spider-Man/Invincible crossover since Season 2 of the animated series began production. Showrunner Simon Racioppa hasn't ruled out the possibility, adding to the speculation!

In a recent interview with The Hollywood Handle, Racioppa talked about the rumors regarding a Spider-Man cameo in Invincible Season 2. But before getting into that, he shared some thoughts about his hopes for crossover events in a more general sense.

"I'd love to have crossovers with all, with DC, with Marvel, with all these other characters. I mean... in our show you gotta have to wait and see if that's a thing that can happen or not. I'd love that to happen, you know, is very tricky nowadays..." 

Putting aside those considerations, Racioppa did suggest that there might be a way for Spider-Man to appear in the Invincible Universe, but it all depends on business deals happening behind the scenes. He mentioned that Marvel occasionally allows other studios to use their characters, but making such crossovers in television is more complicated compared to comic books.

Spider-Man is a complex character to handle in this regard. Sony has rights to various aspects of the character, including live-action movies and TV, as well as certain forms of animation. Meanwhile, Marvel retains control over some key elements like comics and specific rights related to animated and film collaborations. It's a bit of a puzzle to figure out how Marvel and/or Sony would work with Amazon Studios and Image Comics for such a crossover. It would also be interesting to understand what the benefits might be for Marvel in this situation.

Sony Is Creating Several Spider-Man TV Series:

Sony Is Creating Several Spider-Man TV Series

The biggest benefit is that it prepares viewers for the upcoming Spider-Man series on Amazon Prime Video and MGM. This series will feature Silk: Spider Society and a Spider-Man Noir show.

Silk is being made by Phil Lord and Chris Miller, who also worked on Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse. They've made a deal with Sony to create more Spider-Man-related TV shows, including Spider-Man Noir.

Lord and Miller expressed their gratitude to Sony Pictures Television for choosing to work with them and expanding their partnership. They aim to create high-quality and groundbreaking content that will be easy for you to watch and listen to wherever you are.

In addition, don't forget that the second season of Invincible will premiere on Friday, November 3rd on Prime Video.

Source: The Hollywood Handle

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