Minecraft Creeper Mini Fridge on Sale for 67% Off!

This Minecraft mini fridge also looks like a 2-foot tall Creeper for your gaming room.

Minecraft Creeper

Do you like Minecraft? How about having a cool 2-foot tall Creeper model to jazz up your gaming area? And guess what? This Creeper model does more than just look good – it keeps your drinks chilly! This Minecraft mini fridge not only looks awesome but is also super practical. Plus, it's a steal right now with a massive 67% discount off the regular price.

You can snag this Creeper mini fridge over at Walmart for just $55, down from the original price of $168. It can stash up to 12 regular-sized drink cans in two compartments, and the shelves can be taken out, so fitting bigger stuff won't be a problem. Check out all the features below.

Minecraft Creeper

• Official Minecraft Merchandise (Creeper)
• 8L Capacity, Holds Up To x12 355ml (12oz) Cans
• Product Dimensions 25.2 in (H) X 9.5 in (W) X 9.1 in (D)
• Cools Items Up To 32℉ (18℃) Below Ambient Temperature
• Green Thermoelectric Technology
• External Green Ambient Lighting
• Internal Green LED Light
• Removeable Drip Tray
• x2 Removeable Shelves
• x2 Compartments

What's in the Dungeons & Dragons Minecraft add-on?

When you start using the new module that came out a few weeks ago, you'll see a fresh look with a quest list, a special inventory, and a handy glossary. Plus, this pack has more voice narration than any other official Minecraft pack. It even plays music for certain actions you take. You can also play roles with a class system, stats, and battles with dice.


Sure, this is still Minecraft we're talking about. Mojang and Everbloom are adding stuff inspired by tabletop RPGs to the game, but they're not making it a totally different game. So, if you want to use things like Magic Missiles in your Minecraft world, this DLC pack is the way to go. But don't think you can use Minecraft for your D&D sessions or anything like that.

Minecraft is out on PlayStation, Switch, mobile, Xbox, and PC platforms.

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