New Information about Dragon Ball Daima Revealed Online

Dragon Ball Daima is coming soon, and there are new rumors that the anime will start in the fall of 2024.

Dragon Ball Daima

Dragon Ball Daima is the latest exciting addition to Akira Toriyama's popular series. If you didn't already know, the new anime was recently revealed at New York Comic Con by Toei Animation, and it's bringing the spotlight back to Son Goku. In this upcoming series, our beloved characters will be experiencing their childhood adventures once again as Dragon Ball Daima will make them younger. And now, we've got some information about the anime's release, thanks to a licensing executive.

This update comes from Produ, a Spanish entertainment website, which heard from Daniel Castaneda during a licensing event. Mr. Castaneda is the director of Toei Animation Latin America's Licensing. At the event, he mentioned that pre-sales for Dragon Ball Daima in the region have been planned. While there's no official announcement yet, Castaneda did share the following:

"Usually, all of the productions we have are first released in Japan and then released intentionally about six months later as we need about 26 episodes to begin dubbing and such... [Dragon Ball Daima] is the first show we are going to launch worldwide at the same time. Production is already underway, and I estimate that we will finish by the end of next May. We are dubbing now in order to release it worldwide in October 2024. And for wide TV, [Dragon Ball Daima] will likely release in January 2025."

This interview provides some fresh details about Dragon Ball Daima and its upcoming release. From what we've learned, the new anime is set to come out toward the end of the following year. Toei Animation has officially stated that the show is scheduled for a 2024 launch, with a specific focus on the fall season.

It appears that work is in progress for Dragon Ball Daima in Latin America, and this suggests that the show is making progress on a global scale.

Currently, we don't have much information regarding the number of episodes for Dragon Ball Daima, but fans are optimistic about the possibility of it being released in seasons. Seasonal shows often benefit from better production schedules compared to annual series, although Toei Animation has recently impressed fans with the animation quality in the Wano saga of One Piece, which aired weekly.

In any case, expectations for Dragon Ball Daima remain high, regardless of its release schedule.

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