One Piece Reveals a Shocking Detail About Vegapunk

Dr. Vegapunk has been a big part of the final One Piece story, and something mysterious about the scientist has come to light.

One Piece

Dr. Vegapunk is a really important scientist in the world of One Piece. When Luffy and his crew met him, they saw that he used to work for the military. He's a super smart guy, and the creator of One Piece, Eiichiro Oda, recently shared something interesting about him. It's all about how Vegapunk does something simple, but in a weird way because of his big brain.

Vegapunk shared some important secrets with the Straw Hat Pirates during their meeting in the final saga of One Piece. He wasn't just the top scientist for the world government's Special Science Group; he also created the Seraphim and the Pacifista. Vegapunk drew the government's attention when he started looking into the history of the "Void Century," a mysterious period lasting a hundred years. The World Government is determined to hide the truth about the Void Century, and this revelation could have a significant impact on One Piece's final saga.

How Does Dr. Vegapunk Stay Clean?

Every now and then, the creator of One Piece, Eiichiro Oda, likes to answer questions from fans. In one instance, a fan asked how Vegapunk, a character with a big head, keeps it clean. Oda, who knows his characters well, said that Vegapunk dips his head in a pool full of special cleaning fish to keep it clean.

In the upcoming part of the One Piece anime, known as the Future Island Arc, things are getting exciting. This happens after Luffy defeated Kaido, a powerful enemy, in the Wano War. Vegapunk is expected to appear in the anime soon, and this will likely bring more adventures for the Straw Hat Pirates, even though they've left Wano behind.

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