Recap of Rick and Morty Season 7 Episode 3 with Spoilers

Here's what happened in Rick and Morty Season 7 Episode 3, titled 'Air Force Wong'!

Recap of Rick and Morty Season 7 Episode 3 with Spoilers

The first two episodes of Rick and Morty Season 7 have focused on reconnecting Rick with his friends and family in new ways, and the trend of exploring Rick's character continues in the third episode. While the wider storyline hasn't been revealed yet, these episodes are shedding light on different aspects of Rick's character as he deals with reuniting with others in Season 7.

In Rick and Morty Season 7 Episode 3, titled "Air Force Wong," Rick goes back to therapy, a recurring theme in recent seasons. The episode also brings back the President of the United States, who always seems to get on Rick's nerves whenever he shows up. This rivalry is a key element of the episode. Here's a rundown of the important events from this episode!

What goes on in Rick and Morty Season 7 Episode 3?

What goes on in Rick and Morty Season 7 Episode 3?

Rick is in therapy with Dr. Wong, and suddenly, the President shows up because he needs Rick's help with a weird creature that's part werewolf, part leprechaun, and part Loch Ness Monster. It's got some strange illness. But Rick is more interested in the fact that the President and Dr. Wong seem to be getting along really well, like there's a romantic thing happening between them. He tries to tell the President not to date her, but he changes his mind because he's been benefiting from his therapy sessions.

After the intro, Rick and Morty are chilling and watching some more weird TV from different dimensions when the President gives Rick a buzz for another adventure. The President spills the beans about a new job in Virginia, where love has become a law. Strangely, this lovey-dovey situation means no one's doing any crime or griping about the government. The President's smelling something fishy, like there might be a cult involved. It's pretty clear he's just using this mission as an excuse to get Dr. Wong's number and Rick's "blessing" to date his therapist.

The President asked Dr. Wong to join the new mission in Virginia, and they seemed to be getting closer as they entered the strange, love-controlled state. It became clear that some kind of collective mind had taken over Virginia, and they found out that Unity had come back and was attempting to establish a base on Earth. However, Rick had come up with technology to resist Unity's influence, and it turned out that Unity had returned because she was worried about Rick searching for someone.

After losing track of Virginia during their search, Rick refuses to listen to Unity's requests as they try to escape. The President then surrounds them with a dome, which also disconnects Unity from Virginia. After the break, we find out that Virginia is still trapped inside the dome, which is just one more strange thing that the President has done in the series. Rick is upset that Dr. Wong is there, and Unity contacts the war room.

Unity realizes that she must rebuild her connection with the folks in Virginia to help them. However, Rick still doesn't trust her because she disappeared before to merge with more people. Eventually, she decides to leave space.

Meanwhile, Rick and the President keep arguing, and Dr. Wong decides she doesn't want to have a deeper relationship with the President and breaks up with him.

Back in the garage, Summer goes up to Rick and tries to comfort him after she realized that Unity came back. Unfortunately, all Rick can do is get angry and yell at her.

Meanwhile, the President returns to the enclosed area over Virginia and keeps watching the news reports that are being critical of him. This makes him feel even worse because he's worried that he won't be elected again. In an attempt to get everyone's approval back, the President ends up taking over Virginia and making it part of a new group mind, just like Unity had warned.

The idea of the President's hive mind keeps spreading, and Morty tells Rick that Unity might be returning. However, it becomes evident that the President has also influenced the news anchors, who now only express support for the President. Seeing this, Rick decides to rescue Dr. Wong from the President's control and asks for her assistance in reaching out to Unity, hoping that she can help convince Rick that he's not as bad as she believes.

Rick doesn't really trust Unity, and he mentioned that he ignored her calls even when she called him many times. Dr. Wong says that Rick is slowly changing and that he's the one who acted wrongly in his dealings with Unity. Then, Unity decides to take action and tries to free the Earth from the control of the President hive mind, leading to a big fight. Unity manages to take over the entire hive mind.

Unity tells Rick that if it weren't for him, she wouldn't have set free many people, and this is not something she has done before. It seems like it hurt her. Although Rick begins to share his feelings with her and says he now believes in her, she doesn't feel the same way about him. Rick sadly goes back to his garage and listens to the messages from Unity that he had ignored. It's evident that she cared about him and was only worried because Rick was after that guy.

Rick goes to the Oval Office because the President thinks he might need some counseling. After the show ends, the guy who's like Mr. Stabby from Interdimensional Cable is on a TV show that's kinda like Larry David's, and he's talking about how he's like a person with swords for arms and legs, even though he accidentally caused the deaths of thousands of people at an event.

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