Why All Might Won't Die in My Hero Academia?

My Hero Academia has explained why All Might won't die as it seemed like he might in the series!

Why All Might Won't Die in My Hero Academia?

My Hero Academia has always kept fans worried about the fate of one of its most beloved characters, All Might. Since the series started in 2014, there have been many hints that All Might might not make it, like his weakening body due to a terrible injury and the spirit inside One For All. Plus, there have been signs and predictions suggesting he might die in a final battle, perhaps against the villain All For One.

But in My Hero Academia Chapter 405, the creator Kohei Horikoshi surprised us. All Might seems to be rethinking his inevitable death.

The next part of the story brings us to the Final War Arc, where a really important moment happens. Katsuki Bakugo, who was badly hurt earlier, comes back to the battle just in time to save All Might. All Might was in danger of getting killed by All For One, who used Eri's Rewind quirk to make himself young again. Even though All Might was wearing fancy, quirk-copying armor, he still got really hurt and looked like he might die. But then, Bakugo shows up with a big explosion and saves the day.

In a dream, All Might has a chat with his old friend Nighteye, who's no longer with us. Nighteye tells him that this is the moment he predicted with his special power, the one he warned about as being fatal. But, he goes on to say that because of the young folks, fate has taken a different turn. All Might's idea of a sad mentor death, like you see in those dramatic shonen stories, isn't happening anymore.

"You are a hero, but you're also human," Nighteye tells All Might. "You can't possibly die so readily." 

This part in My Hero Academia is a significant moment in the story if you've been keeping up with it. At the beginning, both Bakugo and the main character, Izuku Midoriya, were inspired by All Might's heroism. However, only Deku truly embodied it because he started without any superpowers like Toshinori Yagi but had the same kind of kind and selfless heart. He risked his life to save Bakugo from a villain attack.

As the manga and anime progressed, Bakugo has been slowly learning from Deku's example and trying to be a better hero himself. The fact that he put himself in danger to save his own idol from a bad situation is a huge moment for Bakugo, who is one of the most important supporting characters in the series.

Unless Bakugo defeats All For One and Deku takes down Tomura Shigaraki, which is the exciting ending many My Hero Academia fans hope for.

My Hero Academia regularly releases new manga chapters on the internet.

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