Early Reveal: Fortnite's Original Map and Additional Details Leaked Before Upcoming Season

Leaks Reveal Fortnite's Original Map, Battle Pass, and More Before the New Season.


Fortnite Chapter 1 is set to return this Friday, bringing back the original map as a part of Fortnite Season OG, replacing Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 5. Just like most things in Fortnite, numerous details have already surfaced ahead of Epic Games' official reveal. While an official Season OG Gameplay trailer is scheduled to release on November 3, leakers have already shared a significant amount of important information. This includes details about the map's appearance and the contents within the battle pass.

Fortnite Chapter 4: Season OG Leaks

The Season OG leaks have been coming out rapidly since yesterday, mostly posted by leaker StreamFNBR on Twitter. One of the key leaks making the rounds is about the map. It'll appear very familiar to experienced players. This version of the Chapter 1 map hails from around Season 5 when Epic added an icy biome. There's speculation that the Season OG map will undergo frequent changes throughout the season, featuring numerous small alterations.


The leaked information also covers the season pass for Season OG. Fans should note that this pass will only have 50 levels because it's going to be a shorter season than usual. In line with the theme of revisiting old seasons, the battle pass showcases character skins that combine well-liked skins from Fortnite's history. For example, Peely the banana man is combined with Lil' Whip to create Lil' Split. This skin, among many others, has already been leaked today and can be seen in official Fortnite promotional material. 

Naturally, as the map revisits previous seasons, players can anticipate the return of various old weapons and items. We've caught glimpses of the shopping trolley, golf kart, hoverboard, and pump shotgun, and more are likely to make a comeback as well.

Additionally, previous leaks suggested that Fortnite fans will experience a version of the black hole event to conclude the season, explaining the ongoing alterations. At the very least, it promises to be an enjoyable way to explore Fortnite's history and recall the many significant changes introduced by the team over the years.

Fortnite is accessible across various platforms like PlayStation, Switch, mobile, Xbox, and PC. Chapter 4 Season OG commences on November 3. The Gameplay Trailer will be live at 2 AM CT on the same day, and players may likely need to wait for some downtime before the new map becomes available later on Friday.

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