My Hero Academia Shares Early Drawings of Armored All Might

All Might has a different appearance in the final part of My Hero Academia, and the manga has revealed a possible design for his armored form.

My Hero Academia

The final part of My Hero Academia is currently happening in the manga. In addition to focusing on Class 1-A students' battles, the manga has been showing All Might's fights against All For One and Shigaraki. All Might, who doesn't have the same power he used to, was able to join the fight using a special suit made from parts of his vehicle, Hercules.

Although the suit was not enough to defeat All For One, it did buy time for his students to take on the main villain and his henchmen. All Might managed to hurt All For One badly enough to force him to use his healing ability, which has a cost. When All For One heals himself, he becomes younger, and this takes a toll on him. All Might, who knows his time is limited, has given his students a much-needed boost in their battle.

First Glimpse of All Might in Armor

All Might's special suit was supposed to have a different look before the final part of My Hero Academia. Even though the suit got wrecked by All For One's crazy powers, the TV show will bring it back in the animated version. We're not sure if it will be in the seventh season yet, but when it shows up, it's going to be a big deal.

For a while, people thought All Might would die in a fight. But in the latest chapters of My Hero Academia manga, it looks like Toshinori Yagi might not meet his expected fate because Bakugo has come back to battle and is now facing All For One.

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