Sesame Street Getting a New Look in 2025

Sesame Street is making some new changes for season 56. They're adding a new animated series called "Tales From 123" and making some format changes.

Sesame Street

I heard that 123 Sesame Street is going to have some big changes. For its 56th season in 2025, the famous PBS and Max kids' show is going to be different. Instead of the usual "magazine format," they'll focus more on stories and narratives. According to The Hollywood Reporter, they'll split each episode into two 11-minute story parts, and in between, they'll show a new five-minute animated series called Tales From 123.

This isn't the first time they've changed how the show works. Back in 2002, they gave it a more structured format, and in 2016, they shortened the episodes from 60 minutes to 30 minutes to fit better with streaming.

Sesame Street

"With any change you have evolutions, and then you have things that are slightly bigger steps, while still staying core to who we are. We felt like this was a moment to step back and think bigger about how we evolve it," Sesame Workshop CEO Steve Youngwood told The Hollywood Reporter.

Sesame Street is going to make its half-hour episodes more interesting by adding more story elements. Kay Wilson Stallings, who is the top creative and production officer at Sesame Workshop, says they want to make the show more exciting and engaging. This means the show will have longer story parts, which will allow them to tell more interesting and fun stories while still teaching important stuff. It's like they are giving the show a fresh new look.

Kids' and parents' beloved puppets like Big Bird, Elmo, Cookie Monster, Bert and Ernie, Grover, Oscar, and the Count, along with newer characters like Abby Cadabby, Rudy, Rosita, Tamir, Gabrielle, Julia, Gonger, and Elmo's dog Tango, will continue to make appearances in both live-action and animated segments.

In the new animated show "Tales From 123," viewers will get a chance to explore 123 Sesame Street, which is perhaps the most famous apartment building in the world. This new show might even become its own series, as suggested by Wilson Stallings, a member of the Sesame Street team. "And there, beyond the stoop, is where monsters and humans and fairies and dinosaurs and talking numbers and letters and even food will call home. So this will be a great opportunity for our audience to explore a whole new part and a whole new world of Sesame Street."

The new stories will feature the main characters, but they won't always be connected to the main plot. Wilson Stallings said these will be short, five-minute segments that focus on the characters, filled with humor and showcasing their best qualities.

Sesame Street co-creator and Sesame Workshop founder Joan Ganz Cooney "always talked about Sesame Street as being like an experiment," Wilson Stallings said. "And she said that regularly we need to look at the creative, look at who kids are, look at what they are interested in, look at what we're trying to instill in terms of an educational curriculum, pull all that together and on a regular basis assess Sesame Street and see where we need to make tweaks and where we need to make some enhancements to further evolve it."

Sesame Street's 54th season is coming to Max, which used to be HBO Max, on November 9th. This season is all about helping kids feel good about themselves and fitting in. They've got some famous guests joining the fun, like Ariana DeBose from Disney's Wish, Quinta Brunson from Abbott Elementary, singer-songwriter Brandi Carlile, Eugene Cordero from Marvel's Loki, Dan Levy from Schitt's Creek, and Kal Penn from The Santa Clauses.

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