Spider-Man 2 Hints at Another Well-Known Marvel Hero Group

Spider-Man 2 hints at the first appearance of the Fantastic Four.

Spider-Man 2

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 has arrived, and it's got some cool connections to other Marvel characters. In the game's main story, there's a mission involving Doctor Strange and Wong. You'll also notice some hints about Wolverine and Black Panther. But here's the thing – even though these heroes are mentioned, they don't actually show up in the game. They're doing their own stuff off-screen. Insomniac Games is working on a Wolverine game, but they didn't include him here. That's because they didn't want to tie down the Wolverine game while they're still figuring it out. But remember, they all exist in the same Marvel universe.

One of the cool hidden surprises in the new Easter egg is related to the Fantastic Four. Right across from Oscorp, there used to be Kingpin's place, Fisk Tower. But now, it seems like they've changed it into something different, the Baxter Building. This is where the Fantastic Four hang out. You can see the Fantastic Four sign on the front of the building, and if you go up to the roof, you'll see that they're in the middle of painting the Fantastic Four logo up there. It's not completely finished, but it sure looks like the Fantastic Four are settling in. The Avengers also have their own building in New York City, although these days they're mostly out on the West Coast.

It's unclear if the Fantastic Four will appear in a future Spider-Man game. Since other superheroes mentioned haven't made appearances, it's unlikely, but they might show up briefly.

Does a Marvel Games World Exist?

Currently, there isn't a big Marvel Games universe like they have in the movies. The game creators have the freedom to link their games if they want, but Marvel doesn't make them do it, unlike with the movies. One reason for this is that games can be very different from each other, and it takes a long time to make them, so it would be hard to make everything fit together. Insomniac is the only game company right now that has its own shared universe. The boss of Marvel Games, Bill Rosemann, said in an interview last year that they want game developers to be free to try new things in their games without worrying about how it might affect other games or developers.

For the past eight years, only those of us who love comic books knew about the idea of a multiverse. But now, even regular folks are catching on and saying, "Oh, there are different realities out there. Cool." They're okay with that. So we like to think of each video game as having its own world, but it's all part of the Marvel universe. In all the games, there are some things that we all agree on, like certain places and people that exist in this shared Marvel world. If you're in a Marvel world, you can expect to see things like the Daily Bugle, Roxxon, maybe Hydra, SHIELD, and stuff like that. But beyond that, you have the freedom to tell your own story... even if you want to blow up the moon, we're open to discussing it.

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