The Empyrean Fantasy Series is getting a TV show from Amazon

The fantasy story will start with a Fourth Wing TV show.

The Empyrean Fantasy Series

Amazon MGM Studios and Outlier Society are teaming up to bring a much-loved fantasy series to the small screen. They're adapting "The Empyrean," a popular fantasy book series by author Rebecca Yarros, into a TV show. Actor and director Michael B. Jordan's production company, Outlier Society, will be in charge, and they'll be working alongside Yarros and Liz Pelletier from Entangled Publishing.

The TV series will start with the first book in the series, "Fourth Wing." There's a hint that they might make separate TV projects for each of the five planned books in the series. The second book, "Iron Flame," is set to be released on November 7th. "Fourth Wing," which came out on May 2nd, turned into a big hit, with millions of copies sold and tons of views on TikTok hashtags related to the series. More than 400 bookstores are already planning midnight release parties for "Iron Flame."

What's the Story of "Fourth Wing"?

In Fourth Wing, readers get to know the world of Basgiath War College, where there's a simple rule: Graduate or else. Our 20-year-old main character, Violet Sorrengail, thought she'd have a peaceful life surrounded by books and history. But her strong-willed mother, who's a general, has a different plan. She tells Violet to join the group of candidates aiming to become the best in Navarre: dragon riders. If the fire-breathing dragons don't cause trouble, the other riders might.

"I love dragons, I don't know anyone who doesn't — us fantasy girlies, right? I grew up reading a ton of fantasy. I knew my publisher was looking for romantasy in that new-adult line — and I love new adult, I think it's such an unexplored genre. There are not a lot of books that deal with people in that period between adolescence and adulthood. I love that sweet spot. So knowing that I could definitely build it on a romance, I was in love with the forced proximity of the romance being between their dragons and not necessarily (the characters). And everybody loves a morally gray hero, so I definitely had to have that one. And because I majored in history in college, it was really, really fun to explore those themes of who would get to write down our history and what would happen, perhaps, if the history we were educated on is not accurate," Yarros explained in an interview with Today.

Is There Going to Be a Creed 4?

Amazon and MGM teamed up for Creed III, which marked Jordan's first time as a director. The movie was released in theaters earlier this year. While there hasn't been official confirmation of another film in the Creed series, they are working on a new anime spinoff called Creed: Shinjidai and a live-action TV series.

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