Trick Williams' Return Spoils Carmelo Hayes' NXT Title Reign at Halloween Havoc

Trick Williams is back and he makes Carmelo Hayes lose his WWE NXT Title at Halloween Havoc.

Trick Williams Return Spoils Carmelo Hayes at Halloween Havoc

The main event of WWE NXT's Halloween Havoc Night Two featured a match between NXT Champion Ilja Dragunov and Carmelo Hayes, which was the third in their series of matches. As expected, it was an exciting encounter. Dragunov and Hayes have consistently delivered entertaining matches, and this one was no exception. They put on a physical showdown, with both wrestlers dishing out some punishing moves, including slams on the ring apron and the announce table.

Throughout the match, Dragunov displayed his resilience and managed to thwart many of Hayes' attacks. However, Hayes had his moments too and seemed to be on the verge of victory. But then, Trick Williams made a surprising return, and his intense glare unnerved Hayes. This distraction allowed Dragunov to secure the pinfall and the win. It's clear that the story between Williams and Hayes is far from over.

The match itself saw Hayes attempting a kick that Dragunov caught. They exchanged chops and punches before Dragunov executed a suplex. Hayes then evaded a kick and threw Dragunov to the mat. Hayes delivered some heavy blows to the back of Dragunov's head, and they continued to trade punches and slaps. Eventually, both wrestlers went for kicks, resulting in both of them ending up on the mat.

Dragunov quickly got back on his feet and kept Hayes down. However, Hayes managed to recover and knocked the Champ to the mat. Hayes focused on Dragunov's wrist and arm, kicking it several times. Dragunov used a headbutt to send Hayes to the mat and followed up with a kick and a hit to the back. Hayes created some space but then got hit on the side of the head by Dragunov's boot. The two wrestlers exchanged punches again, and then Dragunov executed a powerful move and tried to pin Hayes, but he managed to kick out.

Dragunov then delivered a strong clothesline and attempted another pin, but Hayes kicked out once more. Dragunov was growing frustrated and stomped on his opponent before using knee strikes and more punches. Hayes suddenly spun Dragunov around and slammed him to the mat, going for a pin, but the Champion kicked out. Hayes climbed the ropes, but Dragunov met him there and threw him down onto the mat.

Hayes got hold of Dragunov and made him fall to the ground. Then, Hayes hopped over the ropes and gave Dragunov a strong DDT, slamming him off the edge of the wrestling ring. Hayes climbed to the top turnbuckle and did a Frog Splash. He tried to pin Dragunov, but Dragunov managed to kick out. Dragunov struck Hayes with a clothesline and a double stomp, then slammed Hayes down and attempted a pin. Hayes kicked out, and he fought back with a kick to Dragunov's head.

Dragunov delivered a kick, followed by another one, and then hit an H-Bomb. He didn't connect perfectly, so he couldn't go for the pin. Dragunov then attempted a submission move, but he got caught by Hayes' boots, causing the champion to fall to the mat. Hayes tried to go for another DDT, but Dragunov stopped him and lifted him onto his shoulders. Dragunov then slammed Hayes onto the edge of the wrestling ring, and both wrestlers ended up on the floor.

Dragunov cleared the announce table and put Hayes on it. Then the Champ hopped on the barricade and smashed the table with the H-Bomb move. Dragunov gave Hayes a knee strike when he brought him back to the ring, then punched him and sent him to the mat. Dragunov went up to the top ropes, but Hayes tried a move and Dragunov caught him. Dragunov tried to knock Hayes down, but Hayes brought Dragunov down, only for the Champion to turn it into a pin. Hayes managed to kick out somehow. Dragunov went up to the top ropes again, but Hayes caught him. Hayes climbed to the top ropes, and then Trick's music played.

Hayes was surprised, and Trick looked mad. Dragunov then slammed Hayes and went for the Torpedo move, and he nailed it. Dragunov pinned Hayes and kept his Championship. For Hayes, it seems like the Trick Melo Gang might be coming to an end soon.

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