Attack on Titan Anime Director Shares Thoughts on the Big Finale

Yuichiro Hayashi, the director of Attack on Titan's anime, has a special message for fans before the big finale.

Attack on Titan Anime Director Shares Thoughts on the Big Finale

Creating the animated world of the Scout Regiment in Attack on Titan's final episode is a collaborative effort. This last episode, which is as long as a movie, is just a few days away. It will showcase the Survey Corps' final and most significant battle. The creator of the series, Hajime Isayama, shared his thoughts on the grand finale, and director Yuichiro Hayashi had a special message for fans.

The final episode of Attack on Titan will show the Founding Titan's full power. Anime viewers have only seen a glimpse of what Eren Jaeger can do. Eren used the Rumbling to wipe out a lot of people in a really dark and brutal scene. Even though the Scout Regiment managed to confront their old friend, beating him in a fight won't be easy. Whether the good guys or bad guys win, fans should expect some important characters to die in the last episode.

Attack on Titan: Words from the Director

The director of Attack on Titan's anime, Yuichiro Hayashi, said this about the upcoming ending, "The anime Attack on Titan is finally heading toward its finale. These last four years, I faced this project every single day going, "Fight...Fight..." We put everything I could possibly think of into this, and I believe the final footage is just a compilation of all of our passion. A new script from Isayama-sensei, the actors' soul-filled performances, the absolute perfect pieces of music. Please experience all of this!"

Attack on Titan is set to premiere in Japan on November 4th. However, it's unclear whether it will also be available in North America on the same day. When the second-to-last episode was released, people were unsure if Crunchyroll would add it to their platform on the same day. Fortunately, they did, which gives us hope that they'll do the same for the final episode.

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