Chainsaw Man Shows Quanxi Is the GOAT

Quanxi has proven herself as the top Devil Hunter many times, but the most recent Chainsaw Man chapter could be her most intense performance yet.

Chainsaw Man Shows Quanxi Is the GOAT

The Chainsaw Man anime might still be uncertain, but the manga keeps coming out with new stories. Denji and his friends have had lots of things happen to them since the first anime season ended. With the Chainsaw Man Church showing up, the world's future is in danger. Luckily, Chainsaw Man has some strong friends who are important, and one of them is the "First Devil Hunter" named Quanxi.

Warning: If you have yet to read the latest chapter of Chainsaw Man's manga, Chapter 147, you might want to steer clear as we'll be diving into serious spoiler territory. 

Quanxi hasn't shown up in the anime yet, but she plays an important role in the action-packed shonen series. In one of the story arcs, called the International Assassins arc, Quanxi is persuaded to try and catch the Chainsaw Devil. After her first appearance, she joins the Public Safety Commission and works to stop the Chainsaw Man Church, which is a big threat to the future and the world.

Quanxi Wins "Top Player Award"

Quanxi made an agreement with the Bow Devil, giving her new cool powers and making her stronger, faster, and more skilled. She's not as strong as the Chainsaw and War Devils, but in the latest manga chapter, she proved her abilities. The Chainsaw Man Church is turning its followers into weird chainsaw-human hybrids, and Famine's plan could be really bad for the world. It's a tough situation with Death's arrival getting closer.

If there's a second season of the Chainsaw Man anime, you might see Quanxi showing up if the show keeps following the original story. Quanxi won't be the only devil or hunter causing trouble for Denji and his friends, because there are even scarier and more dangerous creatures that haven't shown up in the anime yet.

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