Dragon Ball Z Gets into the Halloween Spirit with Piccolo Costume Fun

Dragon Ball Z is getting into the Halloween spirit with some funny Piccolo costume fun.

Dragon Ball Z

As Halloween is coming, the official Dragon Ball series is getting into the spooky spirit with some funny costumes. Instead of going for scary characters like Cell or Kid Buu, they've chosen to recreate the look from one of the funniest episodes in Dragon Ball Z. Piccolo, a character known for his unique outfits, wore something completely different in the episode where he tried to learn how to drive a car.

This episode, Episode 125 of Dragon Ball Z, was a "filler episode," which means it wasn't part of the original manga story. It takes place before the Androids arrive and after Frieza's defeat on Planet Namek. Goku, Piccolo, and Gohan are training while waiting for the next villains to show up. Chi-Chi insists that Goku and Piccolo go to driving school, even though they mostly travel by flying and have little experience with cars. Despite their driving mishaps, this anime episode is quite famous, even though it's not part of the main story.

Dragon Ball Z: Piccolo's Funny Driving Adventure

Piccolo wears clothes that help him blend in with regular folks, and it seems to work well because Goku and Piccolo's driving instructors don't seem to mind his green skin. He usually sticks to his classic outfit, but in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, he gets a new transformation. Now, his ultimate form is called "Orange Piccolo," and it could make him a tough opponent for Goku and Vegeta.

There's this hilarious episode in Dragon Ball Z where the characters try to drive a car, and it proves that even side stories in anime can be really enjoyable. This year, they announced a new show called Dragon Ball Daima, where the Z-Fighters will be turned into kids. So, in this new version, it's unlikely that Goku and his friends will be old enough to drive a car.

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