Echo Show's Director Confirms No Need to Watch Other Marvel Shows for Understanding the New Series

Even though it includes characters from Daredevil and Hawkeye, Echo can be enjoyed on its own.


In January, Echo is coming to Disney+ and Hulu, and this new Marvel Studios series will have some familiar characters. The show follows Maya Lopez, also known as Echo, as she tries to connect with her Native American heritage while dealing with her involvement in a life of crime as the successor to the tough guy Wilson Fisk, also known as Kingpin. You might remember Echo from Hawkeye, and Kingpin from Daredevil. We already knew that Charlie Cox would be back as Daredevil in the MCU, and now he'll appear in Echo too. Despite all these connections, the director and executive producer, Sydney Freeland, says you don't have to watch anything else to understand what's happening in the upcoming series.

"Yeah, our hope is that you don't need to have seen any other Marvel show before because – so obviously we have to establish ourselves in the MCU – but then we quickly make our own path. So it is tough because I've seen so much of the market content, I'm so familiar with Hawkeye. It was something we're very conscious of, I'll say that much. But the goal is that, hopefully, you don't have to have seen anything coming into this,"  Freeland said.

What Is Echo Rated?

It seems like the Echo series will be similar to the Defenderverse shows, rather than Marvel's Disney+ series. Echo will come out all at once, and it will be the first Marvel Disney+ show to also be on Hulu at the same time. Additionally, Echo will be Marvel's first Disney+ show to have a TV-MA rating.

"It's our first TV-MA show, so it's a little on the grittier side for Marvel. And I think again, shows kind of the breadth of what Marvel's capable of. And certainly something, again, if you know the comics and know the history, it feels very in line, but is kind of a new direction for the brand, especially on Disney+. And to that end, it's going to be, for many reasons, going to be simultaneously released on Disney+ and Hulu," executive producer Brad Winderbaum recently told members of the press at the trailer event for Echo.

"We wanted very adamantly to show that these are people in our show. They bleed, they die, they get killed, and there are real-world consequences. And again, talking, it's not the fate of the universe at stake because I think once you go that broad, you can sort of lose sight a little bit. And so that kind of dictated the tone a little bit," Freeland explained.

The show "Echo" will be available to watch on Disney+ and Hulu starting on January 10th. It will be removed from Hulu on April 9th.

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