JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Reveals Its First Exhibition at Anime NYC

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure is coming to Anime NYC, so fans in North America can visit Japan's exhibit.

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure has been a big deal in the world of anime for many years. Its creator, Hirohiko Araki, once mentioned that he would love to keep telling the Joestars' story for as long as possible. In the latest manga storyline, The JOJOLands, we're introduced to a new pair of Joestars who are taking the lead in the series. And now, fans in North America can look forward to the very first JoJo's Bizarre Adventure exhibit at this year's Anime NYC event in the Big Apple later this month.

The last time we saw the Joestars in an anime was in Stone Ocean, where we followed Jolyne, the daughter of Jotaro Kujo from Stardust Crusaders. In this latest anime, Jolyne ended up in a high-security prison, making for a really mind-bending story. JoJo's Bizarre Adventure is still a very popular anime series, but we're not sure if there will be more episodes. If they do make a new season, it might continue with the Steel Ball Run storyline. This part of the series is about a big horse race across North America and has lots of cool Stand battles.

JoJo's New York Adventure

"JOJO World At Anime NYC" is happening at the convention from November 17th to the 19th this month. This special exhibit comes from Japan and is now in North America for the first time. It's all about the Joestars you've seen in the anime, so if you love the manga, this might not be for you. They have cool stuff and events to check out!

The upcoming Anime NYC exhibit will have some cool stuff:

1. Free Gift: Just answer a quick survey and get a fancy shopping bag with pictures of the first six JoJos.

2. Photo Spot: You can take pictures next to big cutouts of the six JoJos sitting in chairs.

3. Lucky Draw: Try your luck with the JOJO WORLD Giant Garapon. You might get cute character badges designed by Yupon.

4. Merchandise: They've got acrylic stands, keychains, badges, plates, and more. Make sure you bring some money because you'll want to buy everything!

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