Kajiu No. 8: New Poster Spotlights Hoshina

Kaiju No. 8 is getting all set for its anime premiere with a fresh poster featuring Soshiro Hoshina!

Kajiu No. 8

Kaiju No. 8 is set to hit screens next year with an exciting new anime that will introduce fans to thrilling Kaiju battles. The show is now showcasing Soshiro Hoshina's role in a fresh poster. This anime adaptation of Naoya Matsumoto's popular Kaiju No. 8 manga series has been highly anticipated since the manga became a big hit on Shueisha's Jump+ app a few years ago. It's all set to gain a whole new following with the upcoming anime.

In preparation for its 2024 release, the Kaiju No. 8 anime is marking the occasion with a series of special posters, with one revealed every month leading up to the show's premiere. These posters have been featuring different members of the cast, and the latest one gives us a cool glimpse of Hoshina, one of the series' top fighters. There hasn't been a voice actor announced for Hoshina yet, but you can take a look at the newest poster for the Kaiju No. 8 anime below:

When to Watch Kaiju No. 8 Anime

Kaiju No. 8 is coming out in the spring of 2024, and you can watch it exclusively on Crunchyroll. They're starting to give us a sneak peek of the new anime with the following: "In a world plagued by threatening creatures known as Kaiju, Kafka Hibino aspired to enlist in the Japan Defense Force to defeat them. 'Let's wipe out the Kajju together.' Kafka pledged to his childhood friend, Mina Ashiro. Over time, life circumstances forced them to go their separate ways and caused him to abandon his lifelong ambition. He found himself employed by Monster Sweeper, Inc., a professional cleaning company that specialises in cleaning up the aftermath of Kaiju battles." 

"Meanwhile, Mina Ashiro is now the Captain of the Defense Force's 3rd Division. As it stands, he is currently unworthy of fighting Kaiju alongside her. At work, Kafka crosses paths with the highly motivated Reno Ichikawa. Reno's undying determination to join the Defense Force leaves no room for failure. His perseverance reawakens Kafka's ambition of standing next to Mina as they protect humanity from Kaiju together. A dream frozen by time, thawed by a burning promise."

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