LA Knight Shares Chat with The Rock Behind the Scenes at WWE SmackDown

Knight appeared on The Rock's TV competition show.

LA Knight Shares Chat with The Rock Behind the Scenes at WWE SmackDown

LA Knight is just days away from the biggest match of his career. The Megastar is going to face Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns at WWE Crown Jewel. It's his first shot at a world title in WWE, and it's also his first time headlining a major live event. Knight's popularity has been steadily growing in 2023, but longtime fans of the former Eli Drake have known about his skills for over a decade. Back in 2013, Knight was a contestant on the reality show The Hero, which was hosted by none other than Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.

LA Knight and The Rock Meet Again on WWE SmackDown

The famous Megastar and the beloved People's Champion had a quick meeting a couple of weeks back. LA Knight shared with the Daily Mail that he indeed ran into The Rock when he made an appearance on the September 15th episode of WWE SmackDown.

"I mean, just a quick kind of, you know, bro hug and 'Hey, man, how you been? You're doing great awesome!' You know, all that kind of stuff. But at least it was a quick little 'good to see again,'" Knight said.

The Rock played a role in getting Knight started in WWE. In 2013, during the final episode of "The Hero," Knight, who had already been eliminated from the show, returned with the rest of the season's cast. During that finale, Knight shared that he had signed a WWE training contract. The Rock then playfully teased him about his confidence for the new job and hit him with his famous catchphrase, "it doesn't matter what you think!"

Knight spent a little over a year with WWE, wrestling as Slate Randall. He didn't make it out of the beginner's stage. After WWE let him go, Knight returned to independent wrestling before he found a new place in TNA. He first showed up on Impact Wrestling alongside Drew Galloway (Drew McIntyre) and Micah (Tanga Loa) as part of a group called The Rising. After that group broke up, Knight did well as a solo wrestler and eventually became the Impact World Champion. He briefly wrestled for NWA, but then WWE offered him a contract, and Knight has been with the top wrestling company ever since.

Knight will face Reigns this Saturday at WWE Crown Jewel, available for streaming on Peacock.

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