My Hero Academia Art: Imagine Deku's Very Own Iron Man Suit!

All Might recently put on his own "Iron Man" suit in the final arc of My Hero Academia, and now an artist has pictured Deku in his own armored outfit.

My Hero Academia Art: Imagine Deku's Very Own Iron Man Suit!

The final arc of My Hero Academia shows Deku and his classmates from Class 1-A getting ready for the big showdown, which is said to be the last battle in the series. All Might is not as strong as he used to be, but Toshinori Yagi has a new suit of armor that helps him in his fight against All For One. This gives Deku the idea to get a similar suit, and one artist has drawn a different version of Deku in this cool outfit.

All Might got a new armored suit thanks to his vehicle, Hercules. Hercules could change from a car into armor that fit around Yagi's body. Even though the armor couldn't defeat All For One, it managed to land some hits that made the main villain use his healing powers a lot. All Might gave Deku more time to fight Shigaraki, but he's very close to dying in this big battle. Luckily, Bakugo recently saved the former Symbol of Peace, and he might avoid the predictions that he was going to die.

Midoriya Gets Ready

A fan artist decided to create a new look for Deku as a "Dark Hero." In this version, Midoriya was trying to be the hero society needed all on his own. Even though he had improved his control over One For All, Deku struggled to keep everything in balance. He had to go without food and sleep in his attempt to prevent the world from falling apart. Fortunately, his friends from UA Academy came to his rescue and brought him back from the edge.

The anime version of My Hero Academia has announced that they're working on the seventh season. Fans are curious about whether All Might's new armor will show up in the upcoming episodes. Some people are wondering if this could be the last season since it's getting closer to the big final battle. Additionally, they've confirmed there's a fourth movie in the works, so there are still more exciting moments to come in the world of My Hero Academia.

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