My Hero Academia Creator Highlights Exciting New Pair with Special Drawing

Kohei Horikoshi has revealed a new drawing of an unexpected pair from My Hero Academia's last storyline.

My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia's manga is currently in its final arc, and even though it's wrapping up, the creator, Kohei Horikoshi, is still introducing new characters into the UA Academy universe. While we've been following the adventures of the main heroes and villains, the ongoing battles are affecting the regular people in the world of My Hero Academia. Recently, Kohei Horikoshi created some new artwork featuring the "eye in the sky" duo who document the events.

The final arc of My Hero Academia has seen some significant events unfold. We've had important moments like the Todoroki family reuniting, Toga and Ochaco having a meeting, and various conflicts that threaten the future of Hero Society. The anime adaptation of My Hero Academia has confirmed a seventh season is on the way, but it's unclear how much of the final battle it will cover. Some anime fans are wondering if the seventh season will be the last one for this superhero show.

The Hero News Crew of My Hero Academia

The latest update from My Hero Academia in Volume 39 introduced the work of an anonymous news team. Here's the translation of the recent information shared by Horikoshi, "The reporter lady was able to see the battlefield and that "a single girl was about to change the most expensive camera they had (see volume 38). Thank you, person who made the most expensive camera. This was supposed to be an "additional information" page, but the sketch was way bigger than the information itself. It reminds me of those small toys sold with food, which make the toy way bigger than the food. Now that I think about it, a food hero named "Shock Gun" would be kinda cool [it's a pun on "shokugan", those foods with a toy]"

My Hero Academia Creator Highlights Exciting New Pair with Special Drawing

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