My Hero Academia Uncovers the Surprising Past of Armored All Might

New My Hero Academia artwork reveals more about how All Might got his tough-looking suit.

My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia sometimes surprises fans with its story and character developments. One recent twist that sparked a lot of debate among fans was when All Might, the iconic hero, went into his final battle with the villain All For One wearing a high-tech suit of armor!

Some My Hero Academia fans had mixed feelings about 'Armored All Might.' They were curious about why he relied on technology instead of his signature One For All power. They also wondered where he got such advanced equipment. All Might's armor could change its shape, connect with his car named Hercules, and even mimic the special abilities, or quirks, of his students in Class 1-A.

No one expected All Might to have such a high-tech suit in My Hero Academia. Now, we're getting to know more about how Armored All Might's suit was created. In a new piece of artwork with All Might and Hercules, there's a caption that tells us how Toshinori Yagi made his armored suit and how much it cost him.

"All Might doesn't tend to spend much money on himself, but this time he used almost every penny he had to develop those items. It was an insane amount. He needed it shipped as soon as possible, so he skipped the testing period and went straight to action. A crazy armor and a crazy car, no one can say they're 100% safe."

This explanation helps address the fans who strongly believed that All Might couldn't have created, tested, and been sure about his new armor without any prior clues in the series. It makes more sense that he quickly ordered it in secret and had to try it out during the battle, considering how things unfolded. It's also possible to argue that All Might having to depend on the younger heroes' powers rather than his own to fight All For One has a poetic significance.

Who Made All Might's Armor?

All Might's special suit was created by Melissa Shield, who is Professor David Shield's daughter. He was Toshinori Yagi's close friend. Sadly, during the final fight with All For One, both the armor and Hercules got destroyed. In My Hero Academia Chapter 405, All Might gives a part of his armor to Katsuki Bakugo to help him defeat All For One.

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