One Piece Creator Reveals Usopp's New Form: Gear 5

Eiichiro Oda has given Usopp a new look called Gear 5 in One Piece.

One Piece Creator Reveals Usopp's New Form: Gear 5

Eiichiro Oda, the creator of One Piece, has always had a special connection with his fans. For more than 20 years, he has shown immense love and appreciation for his massive fanbase. Oda engages with his readers through Q&A sessions and interviews, making sure to stay connected with them. Recently, he gained a lot of respect for giving Usopp, one of the beloved characters in One Piece, an amazing makeover.

Usopp is a character full of energy and spirit, and fans were thrilled to see Oda's creative take on giving him a new transformation, called Gear 5. In a recent issue of SBS, Oda shared his version of Gear 5 Usopp with the fandom, and it was received incredibly well by the fans.

In the picture above, you can see that Usopp has transformed into a rubbery god, like we've seen Luffy do before. His curly dark hair has turned into fluffy white locks, and you can't miss Usopp's distinctive nose. In this shot, Usopp is covering his face with his hand and having a hearty laugh. He really looks like the Sun God Nika in this moment.

In the One Piece manga, they introduced Gear 5 a few months ago, and it got everyone talking when Luffy showed off this new transformation on TV. Recently, in the One Piece anime during the exciting Wano saga climax, Toei Animation brought Gear 5 to life. The epic arc got a lot of attention worldwide because of its animation quality, and Gear 5 Luffy was all over social media. And now, even God Usopp is getting a taste of this amazing power, which has One Piece fans really excited.

If you haven't been keeping up with One Piece lately, you can jump into it anytime. The One Piece manga is still being released, and you can read it on Manga Plus. When it comes to the One Piece anime, you can watch it on various streaming platforms like Hulu and Crunchyroll. For more information about One Piece, you can check out the official synopsis below:

"As a child, Monkey D. Luffy was inspired to become a pirate by listening to the tales of the buccaneer "Red-Haired" Shanks. But Luffy's life changed when he accidentally ate the Gum-Gum Devil Fruit and gained the power to stretch like the cost of never being able to swim again! Years later, still vowing to become the king of the pirates, Luffy sets out on his guy alone in a rowboat, in search of the legendary "One Piece," said to be the greatest treasure in the world..."

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