One Piece Episode 1082 Promo Is Now Available!

The One Piece anime just shared a sneak peek of Episode 1082!

One Piece Episode 1082 Promo Is Now Available!

One Piece is getting closer to the end of the Wano Country story, and in the latest anime episode promo for Episode 1082, fans can see a sneak peek of what's coming next. As the Wano arc is wrapping up, we're starting to find out what's been happening in the world beyond Wano while Luffy and the Straw Hat crew have been on the island. Luffy's victory over Kaido has made him really famous worldwide, and that's also made him a big target for the Marines as soon as he leaves Wano.

The latest Admiral, Ryokugyu, has decided to go to Wano to take care of Luffy as soon as possible. However, the Akazaya Nine are doing their best to prevent this so that Luffy and his crew can savor their hard-earned victory. But the preview for One Piece Episode 1082 suggests that things will only get more intense for the Akazaya Nine as the battle goes on. You can watch the Episode 1082 promo below:

How can I watch One Piece Episode 1082?

The next One Piece episode, titled "The Coming of the New Era! The Red-Haired's Imperial Rage," is going to be exciting. In this episode, Ryokugyu causes trouble in the Land of Wano, taking advantage of the samurai's still-healing wounds. He's a powerful opponent and even takes on Momonosuke. But just when it seems like things are going downhill, a strong-willed man who believes in a better future shows up. You can catch Episode 1082 in Japan on November 5th, and it will be available internationally on November 4th through Crunchyroll.

If you want to get up to date with the One Piece anime before the Wano arc is all finished, you can watch the whole series, including an English dub, specials, and movies, on Crunchyroll. They tease the One Piece anime like this: "Monkey D. Luffy refuses to let anyone or anything stand in the way of his quest to become the king of all pirates. With a course charted for the treacherous waters of the Grand Line and beyond, this is one captain who'll never give up until he's claimed the greatest treasure on Earth: the Legendary One Piece!"

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