Rick and Morty Teaser Shows Unity's Comeback in Season 7 Clip: Watch

Rick and Morty Season 7 teaser shows Unity coming back in a new video!

Rick and Morty

In Season 7 of Rick and Morty, the show has been exploring different sides of Rick's character. In the first few episodes, we've seen Rick reconnect with old friends and acquaintances in various ways. The first episode had Rick and his pals coming together to help Mr. Poopybutthole when he was feeling down. In the second episode, Rick had a unique bonding experience with Jerry.

In the third episode, Rick reunited with one of his past romantic partners as he continues to work on himself through therapy. This season has also brought back Unity, the character who can merge with different beings, and featured the return of the United States President and Dr. Wong.

These returning characters are all part of the storyline to show how Rick is gradually changing from his usual tough and abrasive demeanor as he faces challenges from familiar faces. You can check out the latest clip from Episode 3, "Air Force Wong," to see why Unity came back to the series in the first place.

Why Unity Returns in Rick and Morty

In a recent episode of Rick and Morty, we learn that Unity came back to the series because she was worried about Rick. She heard that he was looking for Rick Prime again, something that had caused problems in their relationship before. So, she tried calling him multiple times, but Rick ignored her because they had broken up a while ago. Frustrated by being ignored, Unity decided to take over a place in Virginia as a way to get Rick's attention.

However, it was Dr. Wong who helped them have a conversation and find some common ground. They didn't fully trust each other like they used to, but they weren't in a bad place anymore. Rick has been making an effort to change, and Unity noticed this positive change in him. It's a significant development in their relationship, and it's something that only a character like Unity, who has a deep connection with Rick, could bring to the show.

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