Ricky Starks Opens Up About Scrapped AEW All Out Main Event Match with CM Punk

Starks was supposed to be the main event in AEW All Out before Punk was let go.

Ricky Starks Opens Up About Scrapped AEW All Out Main Event Match with CM Punk

Ricky Starks had a really great year in 2023. He joined AEW in the summer of 2020 after he accepted Cody Rhodes's open challenge for the TNT Championship and earned a contract with the company. Since then, he has made the most of every opportunity he's been given, whether it's being part of a group or winning an unofficial championship.

One of his biggest moments came this summer when he beat CM Punk in the finals of the Owen Hart Cup Tournament. It was expected that this win would lead to a big match against Punk for the main championship at AEW All Out in September, but then Punk was let go. So, Starks ended up in a feud with Bryan Danielson instead.

Ricky Starks Talks About His Disappointments at AEW All Out

In another world, Ricky Starks has already been the main attraction in a big wrestling show.

During a chat with the Black Rasslin' Podcast, Starks looked back on the tough times when he was supposed to be the star of AEW All Out, but the match against CM Punk didn't happen as planned.

"Here's the truth about it. The circumstances leading up to the strap match was very chaotic and a point of frustration for me. If you saw that Collision, I went out and started the show with a very heartfelt message that I wanted to get to people. It wasn't me whining and complaining. It was more of a message of, 'Look, even somebody like me, even somebody who is dedicated and puts in the work, takes the steps back due to outside sources,'" Starks said.

At that event, Starks had a wrestling match against Bryan Danielson, and it was placed in the middle of the show. Fans and reviewers really liked the way these two told their story in the ring, and it helped Starks get back on track.

"Afterwards, the reception of it was so overwhelming for me that, on the flight home, I was looking through my text messages. It's just a lot of people were like, 'Man, that was amazing.' It really touched something into me where it kind of, I kind of found myself again a bit. Not saying that I lost myself, but something that was dormant woke back up. I felt so inspired, and I was just moved by it because I didn't have any expectations about it and I went out there, and I gave it one thousand percent," Starks said.

Starks wrestles on AEW Collision every Saturday at 8 PM Eastern Time on TNT.

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