The Demon Prince of Momochi House: New Poster Revealed

The Demon Prince of Momochi House

A key visual has been shared for the upcoming anime adaptation of The Demon Prince of Momochi House! The show is set to premiere in 2024. The story is based on a manga by Aya Shouoto, which was published in Asuka magazine from 2013 to 2019. The manga had 16 volumes in total. There's even a sequel that started being published in July of this year!

The Demon Prince of Momochi House

VIZ Media describes the plot as: "On her sixteenth birthday, orphan Himari Momochi inherits her ancestral estate that she’s never seen. Momochi House exists on the barrier between the human and spiritual realms, and Himari is meant to act as guardian between the two worlds. But on the day she moves in, she finds three handsome squatters already living in the house, and one seems to have already taken over her role!"

The staff for The Demon Prince of Momochi House anime adaptation has been announced. Bob Shirohata, known for their work on "Gifu Dodo!! Kanetsugu and Keiji," will be the director of the series. Yasuko Aoki, who previously worked on "Phantom of the Idol," will be in charge of series composition. Mariko Oka, recognized for her work on "Hell Girl: The Fourth Twilight," will serve as the character designer. Additionally, the music for the series will be composed by Ayana Tsujita and Tomoyuki Kono, the latter of whom has experience as a co-composer for "Romantic Killer." The animation production will be handled by Drive.

The cast for The Demon Prince of Momochi House anime adaptation has also been revealed. Natsumi Kawaida will be voicing the character Himari Momochi, while Takeo Ootsuka takes on the role of Aoi Nanamori, who is also known as Nue. Shinnosuke Tachibana has been cast as Yukari, and Yuuki Ono will be providing the voice for Ise.

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