WWE Superstar Surgery Update

Erik had surgery on his neck.

WWE Superstar Surgery Update

The Viking Raiders had to take a break. One of the two heavy tag team wrestlers, Erik, got hurt in September and couldn't wrestle for a while. Since then, the other half of the team, Ivar, has been wrestling on his own and getting better at it. It looks like he's aiming to win the WWE Intercontinental Championship in the future.

We didn't know how long Ivar would be on his own, but we thought he'd go back to teaming up with Erik once Erik got better. But it seems that might take some more time because of a recent medical procedure.

Erik from The Viking Raiders Has Surgery

The Viking Raiders had to take a break because Erik had surgery on his neck. He had an operation to fuse two of his neck bones, C6 and C7, as he mentioned on Instagram.

"I cannot express the proper gratitude and thankfulness to the amazing Dr Cordover and his incredible staff at @andrews_sports_medicine and St Vincent's Hospital in Birmingham, AL and to @wwe for always making sure I have the best care possible. C6 / C7 fusion surgery was successful and recovery begins now. I'm excited for all the possibilities once my cybernetic upgrades come fully online," Erik wrote.

Erik has been wrestling since the 2010s. He and Ivar first met each other as opponents in Ring of Honor's Top Prospect Tournament in 2014, facing each other in the finals. After their match, they decided to team up and became known as Hanson (Ivar) and Rowe (Erik).

War Machine, their tag team, did really well on the independent wrestling scene and won titles in big wrestling organizations like Ring of Honor and New Japan Pro Wrestling. Their success caught WWE's attention, and in 2018, both of them signed contracts to start in WWE's development program. Hanson and Rowe debuted in WWE's NXT brand as "War Raiders" and had a strong run in the tag team division, eventually winning the NXT Tag Team Championships.

At first, when Erik and Ivar joined the big wrestling shows, things didn't go smoothly. They used to be called the "War Raiders," which fans liked, but then they got a new name, "The Viking Experience," which people didn't like at all. So, WWE changed it to "The Viking Raiders."

But despite the bumpy start, Erik and Ivar soon got better and better. They worked together as a team and eventually became the champions of Monday Night Raw.

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